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Arcade Highlight: Mass Destruction 2

Arcade Highlight: Mass Destruction 2

Mass Destruction 2 is an appropriately named tank warfare game which pits up to 12 players against one another on a battlefield where the primary objective is to blast each other to smithereens with a variety of different weapons. As if that isn’t enough mayhem, the battlefield is also littered with power-ups to boost speed, amplify damage, or even teleport across the field of play.

MD2_Screenshot01.jpg MD2_Screenshot02.jpg MD2_Screenshot03.jpg

By default, MD2 tosses you into a Free-For-All Deathmatch, but you can also choose between several different game modes including Capture the Flag, King of the Hill, and more. Once you feel you’ve gotten the hang of the game, you can try out the game’s more advanced modes or even create your own custom game mode.


Game designer Ole “Sourc[e]x” Busk has also added numerous customization options which allow each player to create their own unique tank. As you level up or complete objectives, you can acquire new attachments such as fighter wings, a spoiler, or even spikes that change the look of your tank and boost your in-game attributes.


If you’re yearning to take control of a tank and unleash carnage on your foes check out Mass Destruction 2, now featured in the StarCraft II Arcade. But first, read on to learn what Ole had to say about creating the game.

Traysent: What made you want to get into game design?

Ole: I've been playing games for as long as I can remember, and I've always been interested in the design process behind games. My first encounter with level creation was using the editor bundled with the MS-DOS game Jetpack. I remember building a lot of custom levels using that. Since then I've created maps and mods for games such as Warcraft II, Red Alert, Doom, Warcraft III, and now StarCraft II. There is just something very rewarding in creating interactive stuff.

T: What made you want to make games with the StarCraft II editor?

O: Mostly the fact that I have a lot of experience using the Warcraft III editor, and the StarCraft II editor seemed to work much in the same way. The interface is quite similar, so I thought learning how to use the SC2 editor would dramatically reduce the learning curve compared to learning some other game from scratch.

T: What was the inspiration for Mass Destruction 2?

O: I've wanted to create a fun arcade tank game for some time. I made Mass Destruction 1 for Warcraft III a few years ago, but it was really clunky and very frustrating to play online due to the huge keyboard input delay. I got my inspiration for Mass Destruction 1 and 2 from the "old" games of the 90's. Games like Desert Strike, Worms, and Future Cop to name a few.

T: How many people worked on this game and what roles did they have?

O: I'm the sole developer of Mass Destruction 2, and I made everything but the custom music myself. Though, the map probably wouldn't have made it this far if it wasn't for the support and feedback from friends and the people over at Unconfessional Design (

T: How does the game work? What’s in store for a first time player?

O: You're controlling a tank from a top-down perspective using the W, A, S, and D keys to move around and the mouse to aim and shoot. The goal is to get as many points as you can based on the current module and mode you're playing. For instance, in King of the Hill you have to stay inside a constantly moving circular area while staying alive. Keep in mind, firing your weapon will generate heat and if you’re not careful, you can overheat your tank, temporarily preventing you from using any weapons.

T: What do you feel makes your game compelling?

O: I see Mass Destruction 2 as more of a party game than some of the more competitive games out there. It's a fast-paced action game with a lot of replay value due to its many modules, game modes and customization options. Players can create their own game mode based on existing functions and conditions. Say you want to play a game where Zerg units are spawning and the first player to kill one hundred of these units by only using land mines wins. You can do just that!

T: Are there any tweaks coming to Mass Destruction 2 that the community can look forward to?

O: I'm always looking to improve the game any way I can. I do have plans for a new game module and battlefield which I will add in future patches. I will continue updating the game with balance and bug fixes for as long as they're needed.

T: What advice would you give to someone who is interested in using the SC2 editor to make their own game? Where is a good place for them to start the learning process?

O: Start small and be patient. Designing games takes a lot of time and dedication, and starting a massive project right away is not the best idea. Take some time to just become familiar with the editor and learn what the different buttons and functions do. Be curious, experiment, and learn from your mistakes. And if you're stuck, visit an active StarCraft II modding forum such as to ask questions and search for answers.

T: Do you have any plans for other games or future goals as a game designer?

O: I'm currently working on a little game for StarCraft II called JetCraft. It's a platform game with its own fully functional level editor. I hope to get into game design at some point in the future.

T: What’s the best way people can follow you and your work (Twitter, Facebook, Website, etc.)?

O: You can find out what I'm up to by visiting my website at or go to if you'd like to discuss, bash, give feedback or suggestions for Mass Destruction 2.

T: Do you have any favorite games on the StarCraft II Arcade?

O: I’d have to say BlasterBots is my favorite, though there are many I haven’t tried.

"It's incredibly satisfying to watch enemy tanks explode off the map."  Spyrian

"Boom goes the dynamite!"  Cloaken

"The game is already impressive as is, but the amount of customization you can do takes it to the next level."  Kaivax

"Mass Destruction 2 does a great job making all of the weapons feel really satisfying. My personal favorite is the Seeker Missile."  Traysent

"If you’re having trouble keeping track of which direction your tank is facing, I recommend enabling the Direction Helper Arrow in the settings."  Aldrexus

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