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Legacy of the Void Beta Now Live!

Legacy of the Void Beta Now Live!

The StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void beta has officially begun! The beta test includes a host of new units, abilities, gameplay changes, and more to check out. If you haven’t been following our posts so far, you can check out our Multiplayer Reveal, or our numerous updates for details on what to expect.

If you plan on checking out the beta, please read our beta preview. Not only will it give you an idea of what’s in store, but it also details how you can personally help make Legacy of the Void the best multiplayer experience possible. We intend to work closely with the community to make this expansion, and your help is of the utmost importance.

How is access to the Legacy of the Void beta test being granted?
At the start of the beta test, we will be directly flagging accounts for access and will not be sending beta keys until later on in the beta cycle. If you’ve been selected to participate, you’ll see a Beta: Legacy of the Void option under StarCraft II’s region selection drop-down menu in the desktop app. It will be listed under the “In Development” header where you normally find the PTR. You should have also gotten a welcome email sent to your registered email address.

If you received what appears to be a beta key for Legacy of the Void at this point, it's fake! For more information on scams of this type, see our Phishing support article. If you have already responded or signed up on a website for a key, we recommend you take steps to ensure the security of your account. We’ll update this FAQ and let everyone know when we do anticipate keys to become available.

How do I opt-in?
If you’d like to opt in for a chance to participate in the Legacy of the Void beta test, go to your Beta Profile Settings in account management and check the box for the StarCraft universe. Then click Update Preferences.

How are beta test participants selected from the opt-in pool?
Beta testers are chosen according to a variety of factors, including their system specs, recent StarCraft II activity, and an element of luck. When selecting individuals during each round of invitations, our goal is to have a wide variety of players and system types.

Will there be any other ways to get into the beta besides the opt-in?
Further down the line we’ll be providing beta entry giveaways through various promotions on our sites, as well as through fansites and community VIPs. We’ll have more information on these promotions as they approach. 

How many players do you plan to invite to the beta test?
The number of players we invite will be based on our testing needs. If during the course of testing we determine we need more players to participate, we’ll invite more.

I bought tickets to last year’s BlizzCon/WCS Global Finals—when can I expect my beta invite?
Beta invites are coming out in waves to ensure the stability of servers, gameplay, and matchmaking. Those who bought tickets to BlizzCon 2014 or the StarCraft II WCS 2014 Global Finals, as well as BlizzCon 2014 Virtual Ticket holders, will be granted priority access to the closed beta before those who opted in for beta access. Note that due to the nature of account flagging, only the registered email used to purchased the tickets online will be able to access the beta test, regardless of how many tickets were purchased. 

I got a BlizzCon 2014 Virtual Ticket—do I get beta access?
Yes, we’ll be granting beta access to those who purchased a BlizzCon 2014 Virtual Ticket or redeemed one on their account. See above.

I got a beta invite! Am I permitted to stream or create content about the beta?
Yes! The only expectation is that your stream or other content must clearly be labeled as Legacy of the Void: Closed Beta.  If you are streaming on Twitch, please make sure your channel is correctly set to broadcast under the new “Legacy of the Void” game option.

I have feedback about something I experienced in Legacy of the Void beta. How can share my thoughts or suggestions?
We’ll be opening up beta-specific forums the week following beta launch. Once your account is flagged with beta access, you’ll be able to view and post on these boards. Developers, designers, and the community team will be reviewing threads daily, though keep in mind we may not be able to respond to each suggestion directly.

I have a support problem for something I would like to see in Legacy of the Void. Where do I send it?
Use the “Bugs” section of the beta forums, where members from our Quality Assurance team will be able to help provide solutions for any technical issues encountered. Please do not contact Customer Service with any technical issues related to beta, as they will not be able to provide support.  

I encountered a bug during the beta! How do I report it?
You can report all bugs under the “Bugs” section of our beta-specific forums. This will allow us to see the amount of players that are being impacted and work to get specific system details if necessary.

Can I run a tournament or host show matches using the beta?
We welcome anyone to run online events with less than $10,000 USD or equivalent in prizing. Keep in mind that the purpose of the beta is to test and gather feedback, so we cannot ensure that units, maps, spells, and other features will be changing frequently and will not be fully balanced. We also cannot promise that beta servers will be up and available during the time of your event. Due to the nature of the beta, any organizer that wishes to run an onsite event, or an event with $10,000 USD or more in prizing, will require explicit approval from Blizzard Entertainment. Please contact us at

Which game content will be available in the beta?
To start off, we will be focusing on the multiplayer experience only. We’ve added an exciting array of new units and abilities to the Terrans, Protoss, and Zerg, and we’d like to have as many eyes on them as possible. This testing will also include the upcoming Archon Mode. We will share information about future plans for the beta as we get closer to new content being released.

How long will the beta test last?
We have not determined an exact end date for the beta test. We will notify participants when the beta test is nearing completion.

Will Mac users be able to participate in the beta?
Yes, Mac users will be able to participate in the beta at the same time as Windows users.

Which regions and languages are supported in the beta?
The Legacy of the Void beta will be accessible in all regions except China, and the languages supported for the beta will reflect this.

Do I need StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty or StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm to participate in the beta?
No, you do not need to have purchased StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty or StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm to participate in the beta. With that said, your level of Heart of the Swarm activity may play a role in your chances of being selected as a beta tester.

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