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Nova Covert Ops Launching Soon

Nova Covert Ops Launching Soon

The first mission pack of Nova Covert Ops, the latest single-player campaign coming to the StarCraft II storyline, releases March 30.

In the first mission pack of Nova Covert Ops, you will play as November “Nova” Terra, the Dominion’s most powerful Ghost.  As Nova, you’ll undertake assignments that are as dangerous as they are vital to the survival of the Dominion: infiltrating enemy bases, intercepting planetary invasions, leveraging experimental technology, and even more top-secret operations

The full campaign includes nine missions spanning three separate packs, and features classic StarCraft II gameplay, plus some new mechanics seen for the first time.  The second and third mission packs will release later this year.  Anyone can pick up these mission packs, even if you don’t own StarCraft II or either of its expansions.

You can learn more about the mission pack, including the pre-purchase reward of a custom ghost skin and portrait, as well as watch a teaser trailer on our store page.

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