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Patch 3.2 Preview: Trophy Tops Incoming

Patch 3.2 Preview: Trophy Tops Incoming

Since the release of Automated Tournaments, thousands of players have emerged victorious and been awarded trophies to commemorate their triumphs. As the victories continue to stack up, we wanted to ensure that trophies continue feeling unique even as players begin adding many to their trophy cases.

With that in mind, our upcoming Patch 3.2 will introduce the first of a series of alternate trophy tops that will be offered as prizes for tournament victories! We’ll be kicking off this new feature with a bang as the first pack of Nova Campaign Missions are rapidly approaching - check out the newest trophy top below!

Once acquired, trophies with these new tops will be added to your Trophy Case alongside any other trophies you may already own. They will maintain the details about the rank and time of your tournament victory, and the trophy will be directly visible from the Trophy Case. Like before, as long as you’ve earned a trophy for the current season, this trophy will also be displayed next to your town hall in-game. 

This is not an Easter Egg

That’s all for now. We’ll continue to add additional trophy tops in future seasons. Until then, good luck in acquiring your very own Nova-themed Nuke trophy top!

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