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Patch 3.2 Preview: Chain of Ascension, A New Co-op Mission

Patch 3.2 Preview: Chain of Ascension, A New Co-op Mission

Ji’nara, First Ascendant of the Tal’darim and Alarak’s second in command, has been challenged to the rite of Rak’Shir by a splinter faction that continues to worship Amon. If their mysterious challenger emerges victorious, Amon’s minions will be poised to seize control of the death fleet from Alarak and return its might to Amon’s grasp. Provide Ji’nara with the psionic support she requires to defeat Amon’s champion and put an end to this insurrection once and for all.

So sets the stage for our newest Co-op Mission: “Chain of Ascension,” coming to StarCraft II in our next major patch, 3.2.0. Those who have played through Legacy of the Void will be familiar with the map’s mechanics. You and your ally must help Ji’nara overcome her foe by keeping your army close. Your support will give her the strength to drive her enemy back, ultimately plunging them to their death. This psionic tug-of-war will ebb and flow depending on who has the stronger army.  

Amon’s forces will do everything they can to support their own champion. On top of the army that will be sent to directly support his champion, your base and any expansions you may have will also be assaulted. As you overpower your opponent and drive them closer to their doom, you’ll encounter several enemy bases that must be destroyed to complete the rite of Rak’Shir. And of course, Amon will send his most powerful threats—the dreaded Hybrids—against you. These creatures have powerful psionic energies and can force Ji’nara back without needing to be close to the battle. You’ll have to directly assault the Hybrids and destroy their outpost or they will negate any ground you may have gained. Those who are comfortable with the campaign version of this mission will be in for a surprise.


As for bonus quests, Slayn Elementals roam the lands and are known to wander near the rite of Rak’Shir. To prevent this interference, you are encouraged to take these creatures out before they become an issue. These creatures are beefed up from their campaign counterparts and wield area-of-affect attacks, ideal for dispatching large, unsuspecting armies.

Chain of Ascension will be available when patch 3.2.0. debuts. What strategies would you use for each commander? Who will have the biggest advantage? Let us know in the comments section.

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