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Announcing the Mutation Creation Contest

Announcing the Mutation Creation Contest

Legacy of the Void introduced Co-op Missions, allowing two players to join forces and take on intense campaign-style missions. Then we added more content with Mastery levels, Mutators, and Weekly Mutations. Weekly Mutations added a new level of challenge to Co-op Missions by adding outlandish conditions such as lava randomly erupting from the ground or fighting an invisible army. Now we’re asking the community to see if they can come up with their own over-the-top challenges with our Mutation Creation contest.

Here’s how to enter: Post your Mutation idea on our Co-op Discussion forum with “[Mutation Creation]” in the title. In the thread, list the Mutators your mission will include as well as how they work.

Here is the full breakdown on what your thread must contain, as well as additional conditions:

  • Contestant must create a post in our ‘Co-op Missions Discussion’ forum detailing their Mutation.
  • Topic title must begin with: [Mutation Creation], e.g. “[Mutation Creation] Train of the Dead”
  • The body of the thread will contain your Mutation pitch, which must include:
    • Name(s) and description(s) of Mutator(s)
      • Must include 1 but no more than 3 Mutators.
      • Contestants can create their own Mutators or use existing ones.
    • A brief description of the gameplay of your Mutation.
      • What makes your Mutation unique and challenging?
    • Your Mutation Creation must be made on an existing Co-op Mission:
      • Lock & Load
      • Chain of Ascension
      • Void Thrashing
      • Void Launch
      • Temple of the Past
      • Oblivion Express
      • The Vermillion Problem
      • Rifts to Korhal
  • Only one submission per person.
  • Your submission isn’t considered final until the submission period is closed. Any edits to a post after the notification time will be invalid and disqualify the submission.
  • Full rules can be found here.

You’ll have two weeks to submit your Mutation so make sure to have it finished by September 15. Once all of the submissions are in, we’ll read through all the threads to determine the five entries we feel will be the most fun and challenging. On September 20, we’ll reveal the finalists—then, you, the StarCraft II Community, will vote for your favorite entry. The entry that receives the most votes will be considered the winner and will then be implemented into a future Weekly Mutation in StarCraft II. We’ll make sure to credit the person who submitted the idea in the description so they can show off their game design skills.

We can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with. Full rules can be found here, so make sure to check them out if you have any other questions. Good luck!

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