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3.7 Feature Round-up: New Commander, New Skins, and More

3.7 Feature Round-up: New Commander, New Skins, and More

Here are the major features you can expect to see with the release of Patch 3.7.

Patch 3.7 is bringing new skins, new decals, and a brand new feature: Announcers. With all of these new ways to customize your StarCraft II experience, we’re adding a new Collection tab to organize all of this new content.

If you’ve ever wanted to play on the 1v1 StarCraft II ladder as a different race than you normally would without impacting the ranking of your “main” race, you’ll soon be able to do exactly that. Patch 3.7 brings a highly anticipated feature for StarCraft II multiplayer: separate rankings for each race you play on the ladder!

Agent reporting for duty. The Dominion’s best Ghost, Nova Terra, joins the ranks as our newest Co-op Commander. Backed by the most advanced Terran technology and the highest tier of trained combatants, Nova controls the battlefield with the speed and power of a nuclear explosion.

Patch 3.7 is being deployed and will soon be live in your region. You can find the full patch notes right here. Let us know what feature you’re most excited about in the comments and we’ll see you on the battlefield!

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