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I <3 SC2 (Katowice Edition)

I <3 SC2 (Katowice Edition)

Katowice season is here and with it another fantastic year for StarCraft 2 Esports! We wanted to give YOU the opportunity to share your passion for StarCraft 2 with us through a photo contest! 

Entry is simple. Submit a photo of yourself holding an "I <3 SC2" sign. You'll be entered to win one of the new bundles coming in patch 3.11!  See complete rules HERE.

Prizes Divider_DSP_600x50.png

Epic Announcer Bundle ($19.99 value)

  • Abathur
  • Raynor
  • Artanis
  • Kerrigan
  • Swann
  • Alarak
  • Nova
  • **NEW** D.Va

Co-op Conqueror Bundle ($15.99 value)

  • Abathur
  • Nova
  • Stukov
  • Alarak
(25 Winners) Epic Announcer Bundle
(25 Winners) Co-op Conqueror Bundle 
(25 Runner-up Winners) Total Biscuit Announcer ($7.49 value)
How To Enter Divider_DSP_600x50.png

1. Take a photo with an “I <3 SC2” sign either at IEM Katowice OR watching from home! You can either create your sign or print one out below.

2. Pick a color! Using a RED colored heart in your sign enters you for the Epic Announcer Bundle and using a BLUE heart enters you for the Co-op Conqueror Bundle. Using ANY color other than blue or red for the heart will give you a random prize entry!

3. Upload your entry HERE.

4. Done!

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