New Commander, Announcer and Skin Bundles

New Commander, Announcer and Skin Bundles

*The Co-op Conqueror Bundle will be retired from the shop with upcoming Patch 3.14.

Patch 3.11 will bring three new bundles which contain powerful Co-op Commanders, unique Announcers, and sweet custom unit skins.

Abathur, Alarak, Nova, and Stukov are 20% off.

If you want to add that custom flavor in your ear, pick up all of these announcers — including D.Va and Nova — for 50% off.

Finally, you can deck out your Roach, Marauder, and Stalker with custom multiplayer skins at a 15% discount.

All of these bundles include dynamic pricing in case you already own some of these items. Also note that and Nova will be available for individual purchase at a later date.

The bundles will be available in the Collection tab with the release of Patch 3.11, coming soon!

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