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Noble Garden Celebration Rewards

Noble Garden Celebration Rewards

The start of spring is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate the “season of life” than to bring seasonally-suited surprises to StarCraft. . .  in the form of adorable little eggs!

Since Legacy of the Void, Amon has fallen and peace reigns across much of the Koprulu Sector. Calling back to their long-dormant hunter-gatherer skills, many Tauren Marines have settled nicely into their former lifestyles! With daily lives that revolve around the bounties of Nature, the Taurens will be among the first to celebrate the season of life. Former “easter eggs” of StarCraft themselves, the Tauren Marines have been preparing a special prize for all those interested in celebrating with them: special egg portraits!

During the event, which will be celebrated from April 17th to May 8th, you can show your support by completing 15 games in any combination of the following games modes:

  • Co-Op Missions and Mutations
  • Multiplayer vs AI
  • Multiplayer Ranked or Unranked

In doing so, you will unlock these exclusive rewards. However, the portraits will ONLY be available for earning between April 17th and May 8th, so make sure you start soon!

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