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Patch 3.13.0 Preview: Rewind

Patch 3.13.0 Preview: Rewind

StarCraft II challenges you to constantly improve your skills and push yourself to new heights. There are many methods available to help a player improve, but the most fundamental one is reviewing your replays to understand what mechanics need the most attention. We’re introducing a new feature, Rewind, to make navigating your replays easier than ever before.

Currently, if you had just completed a match and wanted to review the final battle, you would need to exit the match, find and load the replay, and fast-forward to that critical moment. Now, after a game ends, the new ‘Rewind’ button will appear on the Victory or Defeat dialogue. Clicking on it will immediately convert the game into a fully loaded replay, allowing you to rapidly jump to any point in the match. In addition to the end-of-match dialogue, you can also ‘Quit and Rewind’ during a match through the in-game menu. You’ll be able to see exactly where that proxy Pylon was hiding in mere seconds!

The Rewind feature will be available in all modes that support replays normally, including Multiplayer, Arcade, and Co-op. Note that if you are in a party, Rewind will place you in your own replay and will not affect your teammates — if you want to watch a replay with your teammates, you will still need to utilize the ‘Watch With Others’ feature.

Whether you’re a streamer making tutorials, a commander who wants to know who’s really carrying their weight in Co-op, or a ladder hero perfecting their mechanics, we hope the new Rewind feature will make reviewing key moments in StarCraft II better than ever.

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