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Patch 3.13.0 Preview: Scythe of Amon

Patch 3.13.0 Preview: Scythe of Amon

Our newest Co-op Mission, Scythe of Amon, follows Matriarch Vorazun's best scout, Lyrak, as he makes a dark discovery. Amon has corrupted an ancient temple and used its energies to begin empowering a new creation--the Voidshade Hybrid. You must ensure that it does not draw breath.

Void Slivers are scattered throughout the map are, channeling energy to create the Voidshade Hybrid. They are protected by Void Rifts that will spawn enemies from every race. If players do not destroy a sliver within the time given, the Hybrid will rise, and you will instantly fail the mission. You’ll need to constantly monitor the remaining time and decide when is the best moment to send your army on the offensive.

Because of the threat that this new enemy brings, your secondary mission is to help evacuate the citizens in the surrounding city and save them from Amon’s attacks. To do so, you have to clear a path for the shuttle and ensure that it arrives at its destination safely. 

Scythe of Amon arrives with Patch 3.13.0. Which commanders do you think will do exceptionally well on this map? Let us know in the comments. We’ll see you on the battlefield!

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