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Patch 3.14 Preview: Tastosis Announcer

Patch 3.14 Preview: Tastosis Announcer

The most legendary caster-duo to grace the pages of StarCraft II history is now preparing to become a permanent fixture within the game itself, as Patch 3.14 will bring with it the Tastosis announcer!

Nick ‘Tasteless’ Plott and Dan ‘Artosis’ Stemkoski have long been regarded as the perfect casting “Archon” of StarCraft II. Each member of this duo possesses a style which so marvelously complements the other, and viewers around the world have come to love them and their appreciation of the game as they grew together as a casting pair over the years.

Starting with the release of Patch 3.14, you’ll be able to bring Nick and Dan alongside you, as you wage battle within the Koprulu Sector. This announcer places their witty banter and legendary inflections in a live arena environment along with crowd effects to take your immersion one step deeper as you hear them commentate over your game.

Tastosis clearly poured their collaborative love into this announcer, and we all hope that you find it extremely enjoyable within your StarCraft II games.

The Tastosis Announcer will be coming next week with the release of Patch 3.14! Let us know what lines you’re most excited to hear, and until then, may all your games be GEEEEE GEEEEE’s!

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