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Last Chance to Purchase War Chest

Last Chance to Purchase War Chest

The final phase of the War Chest is now live, which means that your chance to collect spectacular skins while supporting the StarCraft II esports scene, is coming to a close. October 3 will be the final day to purchase the War Chest.

If you are worried that you won’t time to unlock all of the cosmetic items, fear not! We are activating a 50% War Chest experience boost on October 4. All progress you make towards earning War Chest loot will be doubled, making it that much easier to claim your rewards. Your first win of the day, even against the AI in a custom game, will grant you a large experience bonus and can be earned for each race. Coupled with the War Chest experience bonus, each ‘Win of the Day’ will generate enough experience to almost unlock an entire node with just one victory. You’ll be able to complete the War Chest in no time!

So if you’ve been procrastinating on earning sweet loot or are still debating on picking up the War Chest, there’s no reason to not treat yourself to StarCraft II rewards while supporting esports. GLHF!


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