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Announcer: Pomf & Thud Pack

Announcer: Pomf & Thud Pack

If Tychus Findlay was ever looking to recruit a duo of wild, unpredictable and fun rebels for his band of outlaws, he would have probably ended up with Alexandre "Pomf" Noci and Hadrien "Thud" Noci. While remaining analytical when the need arises, the shout casting duo has won viewers over by being eccentrically entertaining, often going into brilliant banter, sarcastic satire, even humorous philosophical debates. Pomf & Thud have served as enthusiastic StarCraft ambassadors to the French player base as well as pioneering producers, having created the Iron Squid and Nation Wars tournaments.

It was about time those two were officially part of the StarCraft family, as announcers for StarCraft II.

This is a unique opportunity for you to “French up” your StarCraft II gameplay while listening to some of their epic quotes:






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