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Galaxy Archives - StarCraft: Liberty’s Crusade

Galaxy Archives - StarCraft: Liberty’s Crusade

Over the years, many stories have unfolded in the StarCraft universe. Here in the Galaxy Archives we’ll be taking a few brief glimpses at the books that depict many of these epic StarCraft adventures.

After talking about Speed of Darkness in last week’s entry, today we have a look at StarCraft: Liberty’s Crusade, written by Jeff Grubb, in which we join intrepid journalist Mike Liberty as he reports on a war which may decide the fate of humanity.

After Mike’s investigations strike too close to the heart of the corrupt Terran Confederacy, his boss sends him off-world aboard the Norad II out of concern for his safety. Commanded by Edmund Duke, the Norad II takes Mike to the Fringe Worlds, where he witnesses Chau Sara’s destruction by the Protoss under the command of the legendary Executor Tassadar. It’s in this moment that Mike realizes something is out of place.
Mike’s unsettling questions have him kicked off the ship and left on a planet well-known by StarCraft fans: Mar Sara. There, he meets some of the most influential characters of the StarCraft universe: Marshal Jim Raynor, Sarah Kerrigan, and  Arcturus Mengsk, leader of the rebellious Sons of Korhal.

Our reporter is now irrevocably tangled in some of the darkest events in Terran history. From the unfair jailing of Raynor by Edmund Duke, to the discovery of the dark experiments of the Confederacy, to the truth behind Mengsk, who is as corrupt as those he’s fighting against, Mike sees it all.

Will Mike Liberty manage to broadcast his messages without being manipulated by outside sources? What does Mengsk do that makes Liberty realize he’s just as corrupt as the Confederacy?

That’s it for StarCraft: Liberty’s Crusade - make sure you don’t miss the next entry in the Galaxy Archives!

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