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Singing in Terrain

Singing in Terrain

In an editorial published on Thursday on RTS Guru, Anna Kärrstrand Ovesson presents a handy breakdown of map design by taking an in-depth look at some of the factors that make for a great map, such as races, base placement, terrain, distance, and debris.

Maps are as integral to StarCraft II as units and races are, and overlooking their need for balance would be foolish. Since release and beta we've seen many maps come and go, both in ladders and in tournaments but a few select old goodies, such as Metalopolis, have stuck around with modifications. However, we're rapidly seeing changes and improvement everywhere: The days of maps with little chance of taking a third are gone, as are the maps with rush distances where you'd feel tempted to just 12 worker rush. I'll be taking a look at what makes a bad map horrible, and what makes a great map a true joy to play on.
There are an incredible amount of things to consider when you're making or playing a StarCraft II map. All the races have different preferences and woes, some distances must be considered and avoided, and expansions must be defensible – but not too much.

She also takes a careful look at the GSL Daybreak and Jungle Basin maps, offering a strategic analysis of each. It’s a must-read for anyone interested in the landscape that plays such a big part in every StarCraft II match. Read the entire article on RTS Guru here.

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