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“Ghost Assassin” — New Song by Maduk ft. Veela

“Ghost Assassin” — New Song by Maduk ft. Veela

When asked why Sarah Kerrigan is such a powerful character, many will cite the venomous actions of the Queen of Blades — that fearless, manipulative being who sought to dominate the galaxy with the full might of the Swarm. Others, however, would argue that it’s her humanity that makes her so compelling.

So, which side of Sarah Kerrigan is stronger? Maduk and Veela’s new song, “Ghost Assassin,” explores this very question, highlighting Kerrigan’s struggle to find balance between what she once was and who she is now — all to a catchy beat.

Check out “Ghost Assassin” below, or download it for free from Facebook here.



We’d like to extend a shout-out to Husky as well, for hosting this song on his official YouTube page and helping promote such awesome community-created content. (Thanks, Husky!)

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