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Sharing StarCraft II with Friends

StarCraft II players know there's only one thing more fun than playing the game — sharing the experience with friends. If you've always yearned for a simple way to play StarCraft II with your friends, our Spawning feature makes it easier than ever.

How Does It Work?

Step 1

Get the Starter Edition

Tell your friends to get the StarCraft II Starter Edition.

It's free and it's easy to download and install.

Step 2

Party Up

Login to StarCraft II with your friends. Add them as a friend using the add friend feature, and invite them to a party.

This will give them access to more features than they'd have playing on their own with Starter Edition.

Step 3


That's it! Play and have fun. Being in a Spawned party allows you to play just about any game type in StarCraft II with your Starter Edition friends.

Plus, you'll get a special achievement and portrait for Spawning with other players.

Download Starter Edition

Classic Blizzard games like Warcraft II and the original StarCraft offered a feature called “Spawning” that made the game easy to share, so players could invite friends to try the game and play together. We’ve introduced this feature into StarCraft II with a modern, online flavor.

With Spawning in StarCraft II, all you need to do is get your friends to download Starter Edition, and then join in a party with them online. As long as your Starter Edition friends are partied up with you, they’ll enjoy access to most of the multiplayer features you have as a full StarCraft II player. It’s that simple. Spawning also works if your friends have Wings of Liberty and you have Heart of the Swarm. Simply login to StarCraft II together and get in a party. Your friends will be able to enjoy the new Heart of the Swarm units that way.

This means you and your friends can watch replays together, play together against the AI, play any Arcade game, custom game, and even join the 2v2, 3v3, or 4v4 ladder together. Your friends on Starter Edition will be restricted to playing as Terran in standard games and won’t have access to the campaign or 1v1 ladder. If they decide they want full access to the game, upgrading is a quick and simple process.

If you’ve ever wanted to introduce your friends to StarCraft II to play team games and the amazing breadth of Arcade games, Spawning is a quick and simple way to share the fun.