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Legacy of the Void Co-Op Missions

Co-Op is a new game mode introduced in Legacy of the Void which pits you and a friend against challenging odds in action-packed, objective-driven missions. You’ll assume the role of a legendary StarCraft commander such as James Raynor, Sarah Kerrigan, or Hierarch Artanis—and take to the battlefield with a unique playstyle, set of abilities, and unit composition. Play for free with the Starter Edition, or purchase Legacy of the Void and gain access to four new commanders. It’s time. Go forth and lead your forces to victory!

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Have you ever played a Co-Op mission and thought, “Gee, it would be awesome if there were twice as many enemies and they spawn infested terrans when they die”? Us, too!  Each week, a new challenge will be released with unique mutators that completely change the way the mission plays.

Sample Mutator Challenge: Train of the Dead

This challenge includes the following Mutators:

  • Walking Dead: Killing units produces infested terrans.
  • Darkness: Shroud is replaced with Black Mask.
  • Outbreak: Hordes of infested terrans spawn around the map.

Latest Additions

New Commander: Dehaka


The greatest forces of the Universe await your command. Level up to unlock powerful new units and abilities and morph your army into legendary warriors.

  • New


  • Fenix

  • Alexei Stukov

  • Nova

  • Alarak

  • Abathur

  • Raynor

  • Kerrigan

  • Artanis

  • Swann

  • Zagara

  • Vorazun

  • Karax


Undertake harrowing scenarios that will put your skills to the test. Fight hard to unlock new abilities and units, becoming a more powerful commander in the process.

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