Helping lower league Terran players w/ video and blog


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I appreciate if you ask me for lessons, however I would appreciate that you read this post and prepare accordingly before doing so:

YOUTUBE CHANNEL: (god I hate that account name)


LIVESTREAM with recent VODs:

Battle-net Channel: NicoLocoSC2


Hi guys.
I am still a noob at the game.. Like.. I'm going to ask a 2k+ Diamond if he would be so kind as to offer me the same, but I want to offer something nonetheless, as I just love the game and enjoy the community surrounding SC2.

A bit about myself:
NicoLoco, 28 years old from Norway.. My mother is from Singapore, so English is my native tounge, however my grammas isn't as good as my dialogue.

OK, so what I am offering is EU-server help to low league Terrans. Either I could look at your replays or we could play some games and I could offer some advice directed to some things you might improve.

All I ask of you is that you are well mannered and want to improve your gameplay and have fun while doing so. :)

The reason why I want to do this is that it helps me focus on the fundamentals of the race, and whatever level of play you are at you allways want to work on the fundamentals..

Edit: If I come off like a douchebag I hope you understand that I totally don't think I am any better than anyone here and just think that I might have something to offer. If you think I have nothing to offer please refrain from posting as it would be of no use to the thread.

Edit2: LOL @ me typing grammar wrong :p
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How do mate, i have only just started playing the game. Never played the first one. Tried all three races online but i love the Terrans.

Your help would be more than welcome if you have the time :)
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No problem, man.
Just add me as a friend in the game and send me a message when I log in.
I don't know what level you are at, but if you just started playing the game I might want to watch you play a 1v1 against Hard or Very Hard AI and we could take it from there. :)

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count me in
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Ill help you juzt add me to your friend list :p
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Actually I need to improve my game play as the system keeps matching me to highly ranked players. So can we practice for sometime ?
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I respectfully decline your offer to help me. :) But thanks for offering and I mean no offense.

I'd love to. Add me and we can go toe to toe :)

To all:
Just add me
NicoLoco / 587
I'll be on later this evening! :)
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A general tip I can give you is that - allthough you really shouldn't get too focused on when things should be done instead of when they can be done - you get some solid build orders down.

On the loading screen I see my opponents race and what map we are on. I basically then and there make up my mind for what opener I want to do. As on some maps you can't scout your opponent before you have to make up your mind on when you want to time your gas it is good to have a solid opener against the race he is playing.

If he is random I suggest you allways start a wall-in with your 1st SD (supplydepot). You ALLWAYS start your SD as soon as your 10th SCV has started producing and AS SOON as you get 100 minerals. Pull your worker off the line early or rally your 9th SCV to the ramp so you can start the SD as soon as you get 100 minerals. This not to have any delay between 11th and 12th SCV. As soon as my SD is getting built I send a different worker to scout. This against random, but you can easily scout this early against all races, just keep your SCV alive in his base for as long as you can. If you can't micro it while working on your base, just send the scout out of his base and enter again when you have the time.

These are the basic openers I use:
1. 3 Barracks mass infantry
@10 - SD
@12 - Barracks
@13 - Gas (Remember to put 3 guys on gas)
@ 15 - Orbital Command
@16 - Supply Depot
Then produce SCVs constantly and Marines constantly from your 1 Barracks. As soon as you get 150 minerals you put down your next Barracks, and the same goes for your 3rd. Allways produce from Barracks and Orbital Command. Remember not to queue up any units.

2. 1 Barracks fast expand
@10 - SD
@12 - Barracks
@15 - Orbital Command
@16 - Supply Depot
Keep producing SCVs and Marines
@ 400 Minerals - Put down a Command Center on your expansion
As soon as CC is put down, immediately produce 3 additional Barracks.
After they are complete and have started producing units constantly, put down double gas and get addons suitable for your enemy.

3. 1/1/1 build
@10 - SD
@12 - Barracks
@13 - Gas - Remember to put 3 guys on gas
@15 - Orbital Command
@17 - SD
Constant production of Marines and SCVs
@150 Minerals/100 Gas - Factory
As soon as Factory goes down you make your 2nd gas.
As soon as Factory finishes you build a starport.

The 1/1/1 build is the most versatile and will work well against Terran and Zerg. I love the 1rax FE against Protoss, but it forces you to go infantry heavy, so be weary of your opponents Collossus or High Templars. You will need to be able to either produce Ghosts or Vikings quickly, so adjust your build towards it. I usually go Marauder-heavy against Protoss and deal with their air by Vikings and Marines.. You don't want to go with a Marine heavy infantry army unless he is going mass Immortals and skipping Tier 3 units.

Uhm... Wow.. This got long, and I feel like I didn't tell you half of what you need to know...

Suggested hotkey setup (mine is slightly different, but only due to habit):
1. Main infantry army
2. Siege tanks or other mech units
3. Special ability units or Vikings (I usually don't have both, but that's just me)
4. Orbital Command
5. Barracks
6. Factory
7. Starport
8. Up to you
9. I put my armory(or armories - if I am going heavy mech)
0. Engineering Bay(s).

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Additional tips:

-ALLWAYS look at your minimap

-Don't think about APM... I had 15 APM avarage when I started out. Just make every single click count. I spam like crazy in the beginning, but what else am I to do? =) And by "like crazy" i mean I have around 150 APM while doing essentially nothing :p

-On 4player maps like Metalopolis or Lost Temple I rally my 12th producing SCV to the edge of my base closest by air to my opponent if playing against Random (and haven't scouted him early) or Zerg. If he is Zerg you will then be able to spot the scouting Overlord he has sent before he gets to your base or sees your base and pulls the Overlord away before you spot it.

-Don't put your Medivacs in your main control group, keep them in a seperate control group or select all of them, press A and just click on a infantry unit. They will then follow your army around without you having to control them

-Use hotkeys to produce your army... My input will look something like this during throughout the game:
4s-5aaaadd-6s-7dd-0ea-4-5-6-7-11-4s-5aaaa-6-7-5dd-0-> and so on

If you look at this I will explain what I am doing... I usually don't take my eyes off either my army or my minimap, as looking at the base is boring and needless.
So I will brake it up for you

4s - Select OC and produce 1 SCV
5aaaadd - Select all my barracks, Produce 4 marines and 2 Marauders (If I have 4 rax - 2 with reactors 2 with techlabs)
6s - Select factory and produce siege tank
7dd - Select starport and produce dual Medivac
0ea - Select Engineering Bays and start upgrade on infantry armor and weapon
4 - Check if it is producing
5 - Check if it is producing
6 - Check if it is producing
7 - Check if it is producing
11 - Doubleclick 1 to get back to my army if the screen isn't centered on it
4s - Produce SCV
5aaaa - Produce Marines as they finish before Marauders
6- Check if it is producing
7 - Check if it is producing
5dd - Produce those Marauders
0 - Check if it is upgrading.

Get it? Omg... This makes no sense...

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This guy is awesome! Helped me for ages last night and showed me what i was doing worng etc. Im a total noob but this is definitely a great help.

Thanks again man
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Hey man!
Wow, thanks!
Looking forward to you getting your microphone working so we can work on each others gameplay.

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I'm not gonna hate, but if you guys want to learn Terran Macro don't watch this replay

He tried to teach you "Terran essentials" but really does a bad job at it.
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Hey Nicoloco,

I'm a Gold league Terram (just got promoted : D) who started in bronze and has worked their way up the leagues. But my major problem is tvt and i really, really need some help with it. So I'd be really enthusiastic to play with you and just generally improve : ). I've got skype aswell.
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very interesting thread for us noobs!

thanks man. I will add you as friend later tonight...

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Yeah guys. Just add me and we will look at it! Would be nice if I some of you guys were online at the same time, specially you Bronze players... if you play against each other and I spectate it is really easy to suggest stuff on the fly
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ah ^^ i'm usually on in the evening uk time around 6-9 and morning arond 11-12 and 2-4.
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OK. I'm on when I'm free. So just keep a lookout in your friendslist for when I pop in...
I have a habit of signing on and then just going straight on 1 league match, so if I sign in and don't reply at once I am laddering :p

My Zerg is OK... like.. Platinum level.. So maybe you could show me how you deal with Zerg if TvT is your only problematic matchup!
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I have issues winning Zerg and this relates to not harrassing often. Once we enter the late game and broodlords are out, it's gg...
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oh yeah, definately if you don't trade armies in order for you to tech up your 200 food lowtech army will be owned by hightech zerg.... :/
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Hey man I added you. I talked to you but you didn't answer (You weren't away and you weren't in a game). Better you add me. Moe #344.
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