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[Income Wars] Version 6 - Looking for feedback

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Haters gonna hate, I know.

Hello everyone,
I released the new Version 6 a few days ago, hope you like the changes and additions.


last changes:

project page:
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Income wars is great!!
Spectres and vultures were a nice addition. The damage bonus too.

I think that if you keep updating it, ir will stay a very popular game.

I think it even has potential to climb back to, and stay on the first page of custom games. All you have to do is keep add original updates! You recently added 2 new units and already it became a little more populair. Because of just 2 units! Keep it fresh and lots of people will start playing again and become addicted.

Ill give you some random idea's:

- Throw in the mothership. Why not? You can even make it a hero and give it cloak, spawn 1 at a time. Or a regular unit. The most awesome unit is missing from this game :D Be creative with it!

- More "special" mechanics. I like nukes, heroes and the new +5% damage boost. It gives more "tactical" options except just spawning units. What hero will I buy? Is the 5% damage worth my income? when to throw your nuke? These things keep the game fresh, otherwise all you have to do is spawn units.
Again, be creative!
For example you can... give each player 2 nukes? Or a nuke and... and airstrike? or EMP? Or a scanner sweep? These are random examples. More tactical options!
What I really liked, for example, was the ability repair fortress with MULES and buy defense turrets. That gives it more strategy.

- New units are always fun, spectre and vulture were nice.
Unused models: Queen, Mothership, Nova, Tosh, Medivac, Science vessel, Observer, Overlord, Broodlord, Swann, Stettman, Medic

Medivac, Medic and Sience vessel would be interesting support units. (Repair biological and mechanical units, respectively.)

Mothership is just awesome. Be creative.

The Terran campaign heroes (Stettman/Swan/Nova/Tosh) can be regular units with a special role. (For example Stettman as a hero support healer?)

I am sure there are more models.

Income wars is one of my favorite custom games and I'm happy that you are still updating it. If you keep updating it, I'm sure it will stay in the popular games list for a very long time.
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I want feedback on: sieging tanks, 'heros', buy-able dmg boost, sudden death, current balance


Sieging tanks: I'm neutral. They make tanks more interesting certainly. But the fact they stop to attack and hold position feels kind of weird while all other units keep moving.

Heroes: A nice addition. Heroes give tactical options and more things to do than just spawning units. Although Tassadar is extremely strong, and Raynor underpowered!

Buyable damage boost: Nice, more tactical options!!! Very nice idea.

Sudden death: I dislike sudden death. It shortens the matches!

Current balance: Fine, every unit has it's counter. The only thing currently Overpowered is... Tassadar, nobody makes Kerrigan or Raynor!! Make him weaker or the other heroes stronger. Though I see you're already starting to work on that.
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Also I just wrote a huge wall of text so I hope you check back on these forums! :P

Remember lots of people play this game everyday. ITS AWESOME
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/read :)

the problem we had with healers: they prevented the units from dying and caused massive amount of lag because there where significant more units on the combat area. they've been that hard to balance, i had to remove all of them.

tassadar got already nerfed that much, its ridiculous^^ but i don't want to remove his shockwave, maybe i'm going to reduce the initial dmg and apply a dot effect. kerrigan and raynor got buffed already and they are pretty strong. kerrigan does awesome splash dmg and raynor has his slowfield. whenever he hits another hero with this field, he has won.

there are indeed a lot of remaining models but: i don't want do make double units. i've got some lists over here with what types of units i have. light anti armor, light anti light usw
the queen could be the unit i really want to do but couldn't find a model for. the mothership, yeah it is fat and slow ;) have to think about it, don't want to make it an op unit. maybe something around 10k cost or as a bonus unit on a random unit field
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I think the mothership should be a hero unit. That way you can keep its cloaking field without making it too op too.

For the healers, maybe set their movement speed slower and make them heal at a slower rate ( Also remember to make it so that they can't heal each other. )
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there where heals before i implemented the gas limit and emp. maybe going to try it with a gas cost of 2.

or i'm going to add some aoe heal one time ulti like the nuke :>

a hero mothership with permacloaking field would be op i guess. it takes ages to take it down while everything below it does full dmg. there are no detectors so far. maybe cloaked units only doing half dmg. still have to think about a fancy way to implement it

@suddendeath, going to keep it, had some boring 45 minute matches where everyone was at 25k income and buing carrier and heros. it ended because some player left the game
but it is to short now, going to increase the sudden death start from 20 minutes to 25 minutes
(sudden death: -10% hp per minute)
other maps solving this issue with enrage (sth like +300% dmg) but it doesn't work for me, because there is an immortal like shield on the cannon
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a hero mothership with permacloaking field would be op i guess. it takes ages to take it down while everything below it does full dmg.

Hmmmm, the mothership doesnt have to be OP, depends on how it is implemented.

For example you could make the mothership immobile and only make it float in the middle of the map? So you only have the advantage in the middle.

OR give it low HP so your units have a small advantage but it will get shot down very fast.

Or make it EXTREMELY expensive :P

Anyway it doesnt HAVE to be ingame of course, it was just an idea.

or i'm going to add some aoe heal one time ulti like the nuke :>

VERY great idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's the tactical stuff I'm talking about!!! :P

@suddendeath, going to keep it, had some boring 45 minute matches where everyone was at 25k income and buing carrier and heros. it ended because some player left the game
but it is to short now, going to increase the sudden death start from 20 minutes to 25 minutes
(sudden death: -10% hp per minute)

Ok but make sure it only ends the game when it becomes boring :P Like, after 30-40 minutes.

Also a random question: Why are there nukes silo's south of the map?? Just decorative? Or will they have a purpose in the future?
Maybe add an animation when somebody uses their nuke :P

OR put upgrades in the building. For example, you can make the ability to siege for tanks an upgrade instead of standard ability. Or buy the EMP for ghosts instead of making it a default ability.

PS: Suddenly I remember some more models... Warp prism, Observer, (standard) Carrier, Larva, Infestor (fungal ftw lol) Drone, Broodlord.

And even more exotic models like: Void seeker (Zeratul's cool-looking ship from the campaign, google images "Void seeker")

Hell you can even use funny critters like lava crab, ursadak, karak, automaton or scantipede lol.

OH AND ALSO: LEVIATHAN!!!! (Creepiest and biggest Zerg)

The model has nice animations, play it in Star Battle and you'll be surprised.

But I think I made up too much idea's for 1 post now :P I'll stop typing.
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the silos are not only decorative, you have to store the 1 ammo for the nuke missile ability somewhere. if it is in the chooser, the spawn trigger are triggered twice. there should be a launch animation if i remember correctly.

we had buy able unit abilities, but it is boring. nobody used them. it is not worth the money, because you don't use the unit often enough. it is wasted money if you have to do a fast unit switch.

flew around my map with the voidseeker just yesterday ;) it is a bit buggy and i don't know yet what its purpose should be.
the leviathan is bugged as hell without the original map. requires a some work to make him awesome. but would be good to add him and the mothership :D big and fat

edit: infestors, i'm afraid of mass unit blocking with fungal crap
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By the way a few weeks ago I remember when a game started and some guy started with a Brutalisk with the "ENRAGED" buff lol it was an unstoppable glitch. It just smashed the bunker and soloed the fortress :P

I still got the replay I think so I can even upload it if you want xd
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haha this is caused by brainlag. when trying to balance and test things, i put them directly onto the field and start it locally. then when everything works and i'm all excited, i'm publishing it without removing it before. usually only 5 minutes until i fix it. happened like 20 times so far. it is the same problem the chooser had once, when i made them invulnerable with a trigger and not a data flag. they got nuked...

every brutalisk gets the enrage buff whenever it hits. stacks up to 5 times, lasts 5 seconds. grants +10% dmg per stack
never try to counter it with ground units only ;)

edit: added a new ulti, hope you like it
edit: tested the leviathan and it seems to work. big fun inc :)
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Protective field is awesome!!!
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Innocent Leviathan and Mothership just floating in the middle of the map now :D

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they are just trying to scare you ;)
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income wars is a very nice game... but not balanced because of the three heroes, without the heroes the game was better i think. expectally kerigan is a very OP hero... there is no non-hero combo against kerigan, thats annoying. the fight between heroes is also really silly, the hero who hit first wins the fight because of the stun or the knockback which 'stun' the opponent. so the non-hero army have no chance to kill the opponent hero.

Without the heroes you have to think more and the tactic plays a bigger role.
But i really like income wars and it makes although fun with heroes.
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kerrigan is ligth/bio. there are some units to counter her.

nevertheless, going to think about the concept :)
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AWESOME UPDATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My god it's so awesome!! :P Today when I get home I'm gonna NOLIFE it!

EDIT: Looool at peppy the probe :P
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There's a bug on EU side at least. Selectors can be nuked.
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after i understand how this game work and 108294738494 win streak i stopped playying coz dis is EZ
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