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crashed graphics in game

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no one? solution to this problem...anything?
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first of all a big thumbs down to blizzard support who had no idea about what i was describing, they initially sent a generic email 'do this do that' none of which helped and finally they said sorry we can't do anything more just play the game without depth of field and any lights/shadows! great another case where support is someone in a call centre with no actual knowledge about the game and computers...just a script and a fancy hat that says technical support on it!

AMD/ATI have released this HotFix exactly for the issues described here, people might have solved this already this post is intended to help anyone else possibly like me who throlled the forums for a solution and spoke to game support with no luck, eventually using own trickery (you will see what i mean) to make it work

the trick with switchable graphics is that you must have he manufacturer installed driver package to allow you the desktop right click option 'configure switchable graphics' to tell a game to run in high performance using the dedicated graphics card

because of this you can't install the standalone driver package you download from AMD/ATI the error supported hardware contact your manufacturer! in theory this makes sense but actually they are wrong, that driver should work if you manually override the driver selected by windows

step 1 - download and install this Catalyst HotFix 11.5a from AMD/ATI

step 2 - install it on top of the manufacturer drivers that come with your laptop, dont uninstall anything else, this way you won't lose the 'configure switchable graphics' option, just installing this package won't do the trick because once again windows thinks it knows what's best for you and isn't using the driver you just installed! go to step 3...

step 3 - go to device manager and update the driver for your AMD Radeon 6630m,
select update driver - > browse my computer for driver software -> let me pick from a list of device drivers from my computer
there you will see standard vga adapter and a few radeon 6630m and now with the above hotfix installed you should see AMD Radeon 6600M and 6700M series <- pick this one and install

step 4 - restart

now Starcraft 2 should run silky smooth! enjoy all
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thx :)
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Dude, honestly, I love you <3

I was about to just ship the laptop back and decided to check this board one last time. Where did you find that tool? Awesome =) Ill send the link to your post to amd so they know whats up lol. Btw, post #42, thats no coincidence is it?
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glad i could be of help! it would have been a shame I love my E520, when I describe it to others I say 'it's built like a tank and runs like a gazelle'

enjoy SC2 with the 6630m
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Excellent, thank you very much acraze!
I had the same issue with my E520, but now it's fine.
Thanks again!
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I'd like to thank acraze for his tip. I had the same problem with sc2 on my radeon6630-equipped vostro 3450.
Except I didn't have to manually choose 'radeon 6600/6700' because it was already chosen after I installed the fix. Well, I guess my windows knows what's best for me (and knows the proper meaning of 'what's best) :)
hooray for ATI, ekhm, I mean, AMD Graphics Division.
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20/05/2011 16:35Posted by acraze
now Starcraft 2 should run silky smooth! enjoy all
First of all thanks for the guide. This was one of my main reasons I went and bought a Vostro 3550 today. It's got the same graphics card as your Lenovo.
But may I ask you what settings you play SC2 with on your laptop? When I set it the high preset then the game ran at 15 FPS, which is not too great. Maybe you could share your settings.

I'd like to think my brand new laptop has the capacity to run Starcraft 2 at a fluent FPS while looking nice.
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acraze, another THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for this post.
Had the same issue on an Dell Vostro 3550 which I actually bought to play SC2 (my old machine was doing fine for older stuff) and this was driving me crazy. (Switching terrain to "low" did show me the terrain, but I got weird flickering issues when scrolling which made playing very unpleasant).

Like Kapicescu, I didn't need to do your step 3, after step 2 everything works fine!
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You could also try a clear install of those drivers, and try removing older versions.
This is most likely a software bug, not a hardware issue, I'll post you some help that I got from EA tech support some time ago:
1. From the Start menu, select Control Panel, then Programs and Features
2. Remove any video card driver entries from this list
3. Restart your computer, then download and install Driver Sweeper from
4. Run Driver Sweeper, check the entries for your video card, select Analyze, then Clean
5. Restart your computer again, press F8 as your computer loads, then select Safe Mode at the boot menu
6. Run Driver Sweeper again, analyze for your video card, and clean any entries detected
7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 just to make sure all of the previous drivers have been removed
8. Restart your computer and enter safe mode once again
9. Install the most recently updated drivers, restart into normal mode, and try the game

*Edit*sorry, didn't see that it has been resolved. GL&HF on your smooth machine.
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Thx acraze.

I have a Lenovo E520 with these graphic card. Thanks to you, everything is fine. SC2 works really good actually for such a relatively cheap notebook. Possible to run using "high" graphic settings, althoug I am using medium, to enjoy 35-45 fps in ladder games, which is completely sufficient.

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