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Team eXe Recruiting!


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Team eXe is currently recruiting!
Here at eXe, we welcome players of all skills and abilities, from Casual Bronze to Ambitious Masters.

We provide many dynamic features to ensure that everyone has the easiest time achieving their goals:

[ Competitive Teams ]
This is the place the most determined and skilled will want to end up. The Competitive Team competes in clan wars and tournaments weekly, both internally and in leagues.

[ Casual & Focused Teams ]
Our casual teams are composed of players ranging from bronze league to masters league. The primary goal of these teams is to help you improve your game and have fun with friends, all in an atmosphere free of the stress and obligations of being a perfect player. On the other hand, there are those Teams that cater for individuals that strive for perfection, and we fulfill their needs as well.

[ Secure Forums ]
Visited by hundreds every day, by all skills bronze through masters respectively. Our forums are the cornerstone of our community. Keeping the Teams united, not only amongst varying skills, but across regions as well. Coordinating practices is just one function that the forums fulfill: Tournament planning and discussion as well as Race specific strategy discussion/build order breakdown and analysis/scenario help also takes place on the forums.

[ Teamspeak 3 ]
We maintain a 500 client Teamspeak server. This is to provide reliable, consistent, immediate communication to the entire team. It is most importantly used for scheduled Practices though. It's constantly active with members playing in-house games, as well as team games or customs. We have found it to be an invaluable service, and as such we now list active members straight on the home page.

[ Media Team turning out Live Casts and VOD's ]

[ Coaching ]
There's currently a large number of members from both NA and EU's Competitive Teams looking to give a helping hand. It's extremely gratifying to see members grow and hit the next level, so these members have no qualms sparing time to answer questions and go over replays with you.

[ Tournaments ]
We run weekly in-house tournaments as well. We also actively encourage our members to compete in other tournaments on sites such as the ESL. Team vs Team internal battles are some of the most entertaining, as rivalry's form in the spirit of fun and good games.

Essentially what it boils down to is a Community based on improvement through comradeship.



-Be over the age of 16. As we are trying to maintain a mature background, this is our cutoff point. Exceptions can be made however, if deemed acceptable.

-Microphone for communication on TeamSpeak
We communicate with each other during arranged team games and regular practices using voice communication so that we can focus on playing and practicing without interruption. It also helps to develop a more personal relationship with the members in your team, which results in a much closer community and a more rewarding experience. At the minimalistic sum of $5 in most country's for something that will do the job, we think it's an acceptable demand from us, especially given how much it benefits you.

- Ability to attend practices
NA members: Sundays and Wednesdays, 8pm EST / 5pm PST.
EU members: Sundays and Tuesdays 8pm GMT
Everyone is here to make friends and improve their game play, and we believe practices are one of the best ways to do it. They are also used to improve on things that you are having problems with in-game, so being able to attend both sessions every week is a must. We do understand though that life does come first and we can make accommodations to match your needs on an individual basis.

- Willingness to talk, make friends, and contribute to our community!
We want people who we can talk to, have a laugh with, and play games with. We also want people who contribute on our forums and add to our community. We strive to build a strong foundation that gamers of all kinds can be a part of. If you want you can even go above and beyond by joining the casting crew, map making team, tournament organizers or become Team Staff.

[ Becoming a member ]
Registration form:

[ Additional info ]
eXe's home page: chat channel:
NA: Team eXe
EU: eXe

Contact Info:

Pingy.871 (NA)
KingFool.293 (NA)
Talos.713 (NA)
eXeZero.204 (NA)
Firnafth.864 (NA)

greedyFarmer.142 (EU)
Akkarin.389 (EU)
eXeWedberg.487 (EU)
Nazarene.315 (EU)
Ghost.1420 (EU)

We look forward to hearing from you!

~~ Team eXe ~~
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A truly great community from what I've seen of it over the past 8 months. From the training sessions, to the clan wars, to the casual games in-between, theres certainly something for everyone at Team eXe.

There's certainly no harm in trying, and we're sure you'll find something here that's worth getting involved in.

Questions are welcomed!
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i dont have a mic, do you mind?
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just registered, lets see how it goes ;-D
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+1 Vinge

I'm in charge of the team of new recruits where people get used to being in eXe before you move on to a more permanent team for focused practice with people in your skill bracket.

Always happy to answer questions!

@GzA We use our very own TeamSpeak server to communicate during games, would you consider buying one? Most stores sell them really cheaply and it's a huge advantage to have when taking part in group discussion or even just hanging out :)
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Hell, it's about time.

We've been up and running for about a month now and everything is ready for you guys to come in and join us. I never joined a clan before eXe and, after joining, I'm not going to leave eXE. This is a great place for everyone so come and give us a try.

I'll leave you with this: Yesterday we had a new recruit join called NoLuck. He described himself as shy and as very quiet at first. I left and did some RL stuff and when I got back to teamspeak, he was one of the most outspoken there. He went on to participate in every debate we had while we were all watching the Mothership clan war. I guess the moral is, don't underestimate yourself, especially with the community we have here.

Everyone's opinion will be heard
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This sound pretty much like a team TG that used to wander around here.
Something in common?
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Yeah, that's same, but yet different, team.
I won't talk about it much, but let's put it this way: we left TG and formed eXe. And it's great :D
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has whole tg moved over? also what happened?
And what is the competitive part like, like whats the level like?
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StarCraft division of TG became eXe.

I'm not in position to talk about it, you should wait for someone from high positions (Vinge etc) to speak about it. Sorry.

About competitive teams, we have 2 of them (1 in the NA and 1 in the EU). It's a team of Master players fighting against other clans and on the various ladders.

But also, other teams can organize clan wars against other clans of similar skill... Mothership Team had a clan war yesterday against The Dead Generation, and we're not a Competitive Team. We won :)))
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All of our teams try to be competitive and the best they possibly can be, but our titled "Competitive Teams" for each server are made from exclusively Masters league players and require a trial to join, any player in eXe is welcome to try out if they think they have what it takes, but those guys are darn good :D
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hmmm sounds very interesting, i think im signing up but i think because of school i cant join the Thursday practice the coming 5 weeks. I dont know if thats a problem but im signing up in advance :)
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Thursday practices are optional ;)

If you mean Tuesday, well... you need to contact your (future) Team Leader that you won't be able to attend that day and you'll be excused.
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yeah sorry i meant tuesday
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why is such an issue if someone cant attend a practice?
normally clans are pretty relaxed on things like that due to the whole 'its a team but we understand everyone has a normal life'

see i would be up for joining but its just the whole commitment to a clan (which seeing as im not going to be pro anytime soon), just makes me feel 'why should i be expected to spend my time whenever they say', sometimes people like to practice in their own way or play around their own time, but when they have the free time will spend it doing stuff with their clan rather then be expected to make changes in your personal time for the sake of the clan.
just my view of things tbh
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@MaK if you dont want to join you dont have to. It helps prevent inactivity which is a huge plus, however eXe does adopt a life over Starcraft policy, you just need to give prior warning that you cannot attend a practice.
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04/06/2011 02:26Posted by Headchopperz
you just need to give prior warning that you cannot attend a practice.

why? whats the harm in not turning up? why the need to allways give prior warning if your not in a position to do so, due to a life issue.
it kinda goes against your 'eXe does adopt a life over Starcraft policy'

im not trying to make a angry/trolling post btw its purely just a question
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why? whats the harm in not turning up? why the need to allways give prior warning if your not in a position to do so, due to a life issue.

I think we can all understand if there are some greater and unforeseen course of events, such as car accident, train being late or something like thunderstorm...

The schedules are great, it helps the team to have fixed time to practice and can plan other activities around that time. Yes it comes off as more serious but at the same time it tells you are more dedicated and willing to invest more into it.
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04/06/2011 03:14Posted by MaK
you just need to give prior warning that you cannot attend a practice.

why? whats the harm in not turning up? why the need to allways give prior warning if your not in a position to do so, due to a life issue.
it kinda goes against your 'eXe does adopt a life over Starcraft policy'

im not trying to make a angry/trolling post btw its purely just a question

Because of the way things are set up in eXe, people are split into teams of around 10 people of the same skill level and they play together during practice hours. The guys who run those small teams come up with a plan for how things might be done during one practice, and if people just dont turn up without saying something, their entire plan is skewed. Apart from that, it's just common courtesy to tell people you wont be able to attend something.
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