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Is the ladder locked?


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Strange what is going on with the ladders tbh. A little while ago they were also bugged, so we couldn't promote. Than, all of a sudden it was "fixed" and there was a total promotion fest (about every team I play in promoted in that period, madness really) and now it's bugged again.

Perhaps due to the maintenance of this wednesday? Can't think of anything else really, nothing has been changed the last week(s), there's only been this maintenance as far as I know. Or has this been going on longer?
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It would help so many if they could just give a public statement about it ..It's not an huge effort to write a answer to keep us updated..
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I have the exact same problem, not getting promoted after beating top plat as gold and facing diamond players now and then. This has been going on for a couple of days now.

I'm requesting this post as sticky
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A more important thing is to notice there is only 198 grand masters in a league there should be 200 :) Same problem as last time i guess , lets just be patient and see what they say ..
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This is the only thing we've heard from Blizzard, this is at the top of the thread on TL about this.

Something is up with league changes, but we don't know what specifically is the root cause. Blizzard is aware of the issue and are testing a hotfix. -- Excal_Z 6/15
This does not mean that there is a global ladder lock!! There is some bug affecting some players but it is not universal. -- Excal_Z 6/16

notice that this was posted 2 days ago, we would like an update here as well though...
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Not locked, got promoted in 2v2 yesterday to masters
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18/06/2011 01:07Posted by Absum
This does not mean that there is a global ladder lock!! There is some bug affecting some players but it is not universal. -- Excal_Z 6/16
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Give me a update if any of you get promoted :) I'l do the same , thanks
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This does not mean that there is a global ladder lock!! There is some bug affecting some players but it is not universal. -- Excal_Z 6/16

Global meaning around the world. Me posting that in the EU forums means i was promoted on the EU server
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No, gobal in this context meaning everyone, So just because you were promoted doesnt mean everyone can be. For some people its working as intended, for some it isnt
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18/06/2011 22:11Posted by aMcNinkum
Give me a update if any of you get promoted :) I'l do the same , thanks

i got promoted today, to gold after only meeting plat for a week or so, started to loose when i was faced vs top plat/dia(like 50/50), took like 100 games vs plat players however...
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Yes, it seems that the problem has been fixed.
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I can confirm. There should be no issues with promotions anymore. As always we will continue to monitor the situation, but if at the moment you are not being promoted, it should be simply because it is not quite the right moment yet.

Good luck & happy laddering!
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Xordiah thanx for telling us the awsome information, you rawk :]
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In my division some players must have been promoted.
It was like top 10 with 9 Zergs.
Today some are gone..
But I'm also playing gold now all the time.. for maybe 30 matches or more..
And still in Silver, but maybe it need some more time.

For example I won from a gold player...
He lost 9 points.
He lost the match before from a solid gold and lost 10 points.

I see this happening all the time.
Opponents who play gold players, sometimes platinum.

I have 'even teams' all the time.
In a sudden I had a 'Favoured' for once.. was a platinum.

PS. I can't win from Toss.
Can be the problem.
They so imba ^^
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Leagues aren't locked. I just got promoted in 3v3 random. But i have a problem, i was silver in 3v3 random and i had 30 winstreak vs highmasters when leagues were locked. Now i won 3 games and got to gold and idk why i got to gold when i had 30 winstreak vs highmasters..

Anyway leagues are now unlocked

GL with laddering
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i can not beleve what your telling me, i have still not moved up to diamond even though my record of the latest 30 matches is 22wins-8 losses and im only matched against high diamond.
i still think there is a bug in some leagues...
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Ye, in someway I think it too.

It took ages for me to get out of Bronze, but then the ladder was locked.
I play a long time vs top 25 gold now (last matches top 10), and still silver.
So much people in gold that play vs top silver, but also play gold themselve.

The loading screen says 'teams even' all the time.
Rarely (just very obvious) the opponent is favoured.
Once played a platinum, and another was in the placement, but got placed in platinum (I won that match)

People tell me that after bronze, promotions goes faster, but for now I didn't noticed.

Noy saying that leagues are locked, but looks like topics popping up a bit about this again.
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Leagues are not locked!
3x3 Gold League. After 2 looses in a row our team was on the 4th place in Gold League. Then we loose 3rd game in a row and we got DEmoted from Gold 4th to Silver 18th!
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