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How to beat infestors?

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I am always abit lost in the mirror match when my opponent goes for mass infestors. How do we beat these things? say in the ling+infestor and roach+infester combos. The only real counter I usually do is ultralisks, but that is way too late game and expensive.
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Only more roach+infestor works mid game, lategame make broodlords and hydralisks.
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i often try to get 3-3 roaches before the other player and go for a timing push, remember detection! if you have better upgrades you can get away with fewer infestors.

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Ambush his infestors with roaches or banelings!

No seriously you deal with them just like you deal with any damage caster type. but yeah, ambushes are good if you can pull them off. Killing his infestors before the battle will surely bring the odds to your favour.

Maybe a FEW (yes a few!!) mutalisks to swoop in and start hitting the infestors slowly killing them off. If all he has got is roaches then his infestors are practically defenseless, OR they have to waste fungals and IT's on your 4-5 mutas.

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Ignore the infestors! First you have to get fungled like "all the time" and then you have to hit the perfect timing to leave the game when your opponent least expects it!
Take that imba infestor users !
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I've started to think more of the Infestor balled up players like the Protoss Deathball. If you do allow them to get up that ball which is hard to engage, don't expect to win a head to head fight. Therefore its your job to pin him in his base with baneling drops, ling runbys or even greatly controlled mutalisks in groups of ~3.

The point is, that while infestors are great for army to army combat, they're exactly like the collosus when encountered alone. The Infestor is Fragile and can't do much if split up. On top of that, they're rather slow and don't deal well with split out units.

- If you use this playstyle well enough, more than often you'll be able to add Ultras / Broodlords to your army composition before your opponent is, especially if he's heavy on the infestors.
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Good micro!

Use your roaches with caution and don't move in big balls. Spread them out so fungal don't hit as many
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make more than him
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11 overpool, 14 gas, stop at 14 drones, queen and two more overlords.

Get speed for lings asap, mass lings up to about 30-34 supply, and speed should get ready around this time as well. Hide as much of your lings as possible, it helps to spread them out in your base a bit, and leave a few on your ramp.

Then just spring all you can with all of them into the other Zerg players base. Sometimes I also use a drone to to make spine crawlers in the other Zergs base, he is likely to make a 14 pool or something like that, so force his drones to do something other than gathering minerals. Cancel the spine just before it is destroyed and make another one somewhere else, while you keep pumping out lings.

Only two things to watch out for is a roach ramp block or banelings, anything else and you won that game.Roaches cannot do anything unless they block the ramp against 30+ speedlings. (well it is 16 supply for economy and 14-18 supply of lings).

You could expand while attacking with the speedlings, but sometimes you might need to get a baneling nest if the other player is getting one, other times you can just micro speedlings one by one to take out the banelings and then kite them.
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Oh yea, and other than that, infestors, and later Ultralisks are the best counter, if you fail to win with lings, but the lings should give you map control, and make sure you can block an expansion.
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infestors are so op in zvz : )

Ultra/blords - best counter, otherwise, engage on wide areas, on his ramp you are dead.
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