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Starcraft II doesn't launch - displays no error either

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Hi there,

I've formated my pc and reinstalled Win7 64bit. I was playing Starcraft II without problems before and wanted to install it now as well (of course ;) ).

However I got the problem that I'm unable to start the game. After installation it'll start the Starcraft 2 Blizzard Downloader / Patcher and shortly after that switches to the Blizzard Updater. After a moment it is done and then nothing really happens when I try to start the game, neither clicking the shortcut, .exe file or trying to go at it via the Starcraft II CD the game just won't start (or not even the launcher itself).

For a moment my cursor will change to a loading animation and a Starcraft II.exe process will appear in the task manager (but vanish shortly after). I don't even see any SCII screen flashing up or anything. And as I mentioned in the thread title it won't display an error message either.

I am however able to patch the file via a direct Patch Installer exe. E.g. I just used the sc2-1.3.4-enGB file to patch it to the newest version.
Yet my problem persists.
Completely disabling my firewall and anti-vir (Avast) didn't help either.

I should probably mention though, that I did format multiple times, and at one point I tried to install Starcraft II immediately before doing much else. And it did work that one time. However I wanted to install it to a different location (" C:\Games\" instead of the standard "C:\Program Files (86x)") and well that ended up not working again. Trying to reinstall it on the standard folder again didn't do it then either.

Is there some way I can make a complete clean deinstall by removing something in the registry? I doubt that causes my problem though but may be worth a try.
But reinstalling isn't successful at all so far. Neither from disc nor from the downloaded file.

I made some screenshots and uploaded those at imageshack:
(1st: completed install; 2nd: the auto patch/update thereafter; 3rd: auto-switch to the Blizzard updater (after that one finishes Starcraft II won't start!); 4th: just to show it did install; 5th: what happens when I click the shortcut / exe (the process appears but nothing else happens); 6th: patching with the previously mentioned file

Also created a DxDiag file:

Well I really hope you can help me somehow. Reformatting my PC for the 4th time and ending up with similar issues isn't really what I want so I hope you can figure it out :/

Thanks in advance!

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update windows 7 to SP1

other than this, i suggest you completely uninstall any Starcraft 2 client you may have now, and download the digital copy and use that to install.
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First of all you will need to ensure your operating system and drivers are fully up-to-date.

If you are experiencing issues upon launching the game, please try and temporarily uninstall your security software; then I'd recommend you to completely uninstall StarCraft II through the official uninstaller.

Once uninstalled, simply reboot your computer and then reinstall StarCraft II.

If you are now able to launch the game, please install your security software again and ensure your StarCraft II application files are not being quarantined by the antivirus.
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thanks for the replies!

Well while I did install all the Win7 updates including SP1, deinstalled Starcraft II via the Starcraft II uninstaller and uninstalled Avaster AntiVir (as well as turning off my Firewall) that didn't seem to change the issue.

However I decided to go through my other programs thinkin about what may cause the problem. At first however I uninstalled Steam which has even more problems and... after deinstalling that suddenly Starcraft II seems to launch just fine!
At least it is now patching by itself and I suppose it'll work afterwards too.

Considernig that Steam had similar problems with crashing on startup / not really reacting that seems plausible. I thought that would've had to do rather with windows / some settings that messed up both Steam and Starcraft II. But probably Steam was the problem itself >.<

So thank you two folks for your time, in case it may not start after updating i'll bump this thread but it's looking good so far :)

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Considernig that Steam had similar problems with crashing on startup / not really reacting that seems plausible. I thought that would've had to do rather with windows / some settings that messed up both Steam and Starcraft II. But probably Steam was the problem itself >.<

Did you add StarCraft II to your Steam game list?
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No, I've never done that (and don't intend to).

There shouldn't be any correlation whatsoever. But as I said I'm having huge installation problems with Steam. Probably something occured that affected launching Starcraft II somehow. I don't know :/
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Steam is known to have a pretty bad reaction to non-steam games.
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Alright need to bump this.

As it seems Starcraft II only worked temporarly suddenly but after a reboot my issue got back.
However I know finally found out what really causes the problem (for SCII and Steam both).

ATI Tray Tools which I use(d) to slow down my unnecessarily fast spinning HD4830 fan in order to stop my ears bleeding. And no, temperatures are never a problem with that card.

Apparently just having installed the version I tried to use of that program caused my problem, even if I didn't even change anything with it.

Just wanted to let you know so you don't have wrong information!
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