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Terran Mech vs Zerg , I can't deal with it

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Hi everyone . Ok I've been really frustrated over the last few days because I've been losing 9 out of 10 games against a terran who goes mech. I've tried EVERYTHING to stop it . I basicly switch to roaches when i see that my opponent is going mech after i send in my overlord at 7 minutes.
So i start getting a third base up at the 9 minutes and then a 4th at around 14 minutes or so. I have basicly tried EVERY SINGLE COMPOSITION to beat this and i cant.
I started going roaches with burrow and tuneling claws , and as soon as they scout it with a scan, they get turrets in their base and make a raven if they want to push out so burrow and burrow movement get pretty useless..
Then i tried roach baneling and the tanks just ravage through everything .
Then i went roach infestor baneling and the same thing happened , i couldnt even Neural Parasite the Thors.

So after all that stuff failed i started to trade armies inefficiently because thats all i could do on a terran that is turtling so hard that i couldnt even send a maxed out zerg army of roaches to take down his third because they would just disappear, but thats what i did since i knew that his army takes quite some time to build. But the fact is that IT'S TOO COST INNEFICIENT TO TRADE ARMIES , they get raped, and i get broke even if im on 5 or 6 bases, one game the terran was at 120 supply and i was at 200 and all my roaches disappeared..

I tried 2 games to go fast broodlords but they just make vikings and the thors are in range of the broodlords, on the second game i made corruptors to take down they vikings but its no good , a corruptor takes much more gas and minerals , i cant keep up with the production .

So what should i do??? i dont think mech is even balanced agaisnt zerg and I HATE to say that something is imbalanced because i hate to QQ about it, but i just cant find a way.

Every composition that i tried even with better upgrades , get RAPED by Terran mech , and every single game i had better economy than the terran ( like 10 k resources more )and i had LOTS more units , and i mean LOTS more... it's impossible to deal with , and right now it's the only thing that is keeping me from getting promoted to diamond
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Replay please, for the good Zergs to see.
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i find terran mech really easy to deal with and even in gold people are good with mech since its not hard to use ^.^
but yeh errr i duno why you go baneling?! cos that just seems usuless......
i mean the 3 mech units which are used are thor,tanks and hellions so the way to go is the counter to them in your army compo
make lings vs thor + roaches since roaches are more cost effective than thors
mutas for tanks
roaches for hellions

and as the game goes on try to get more bases than him and defend etc and i try to starve him + go roach infesotr broodlord for late game and if he gets a lot of vikings go for ultralisks since he will have wasted supply + resources on vikings and ofc roaches + infestors and try to do lots of harras since terran mech has very bad mobility so multi-pronged harrasas work great :) hope that helped a bit
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10/03/2012 20:31Posted by TNCFungus
and even in gold people are good with mech since its not hard to use ^.^

Mech is the most hard comp to use. It required good positioning and you need to know when too attack to be effective.

That said, the best way to deal with mech are roach/infestor into infestor/corrputor/broodlord. Use the infestors to lock down the hellions so you can dealt with them in the midgame, and kill the thors with the roaches, but do this only when HE moves out. as long as he is building up, just expand, expand, expand. You need to be at 4 bases around the 14 min mark, and mine gas as a first priority from your third and fourth when you get them. Ones you transition into broods you also need NP to NP the thors, and use the fungals on the vikings. also make sure you have enough corruptors to deal with the vikings. If you get the vikings down, and a few NP's landed, you can easily kill the opponent.
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i feel you man.
its impossible to break, the only thing that has worked for me is mass burrowing banelings, zerglings, roaches..everything basically, when he moves over, unburrow and watch the havoc.

or a straight rush to broodlords, that forces the unsiege, and your roaches can start taking down thors.

but yeah, terran mech...makes me rage
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muta.bane.lings with a decent flank when you engage main army

its the banes which do the damage . . get a few lings upfront to tank damage . . .send in the mutas for more distration, but be quick to pull them out, u kind of use them to soack damage for a second while the gravy comes . . . but then BOOOSH with banes . . loads of them, id say at least 50/50 with slings. it just decimates. .. . even if you lose all ur army, you remax on pure lings to totally kill everything.

Just make sure you are still macroing up behind the attack and the gg is urs
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I dont really feel any usefulness in listening to silver league players as im on the transition to diamond, but i tried to , didnt help a bit lool
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11/03/2012 18:04Posted by Mayan
I dont really feel any usefulness in listening to silver league players as im on the transition to diamond, but i tried to , didnt help a bit lool

If they can beat their silver terran mechers, but you can't beat your diamond terran mechers, does it mean their opinions are useless?
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Roaches, and get +1 Melee and Missile attacks, screw armor. Get a spire so he can't mass as many tanks as he wants, and if he goes too heavy thor, max on roaches and focus fire them down. Remember to get a good economy. For your air units, do NOT get attack, but armor, as you want your eventual broods to be as good as possible. Thors deal very little damage to armored air, so reduce taht damage by as much as possible and you're in good shape.

Counter attacks are great against mech, keep tabs on his army with creep, ovies, Xel Naga towers and changelings. When he moves out, take out 2 bases and go back and defend. Get hive at a decent time. Remember to surround his army before engaging, and burrow movement is SICK if he doesnt have mobile detection.

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Mayan as someone who rolls mech whenever I see it and being in the same general skill area as you I feel I can give some usefull advice.

What I'd suggest is:
Roach Speed + Burrow. Don't bother getting burrow movement burrow is good enough for regen when out of combat.
Overlord speed + Drop. Pretty much essential, as it allows you more attack paths which is pretty useful.

Now what you want to do is go pure roach and hit every angle. Drop them in the main, hit the third and pressure the natural all at the same time. This allows you to pull apart terran mech as it is so slow its hard for them to be in to many places at once and shuts down any possibility for attack which allows you to slowly tech and expand because you still need to devote the vast majority of money into roaches.

The main thing about dealing with mech is just to not fight the army until you've got broodlords.
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Early uppgrades and make sure to attack him when he move out and when he are sieging u pull back and attack him at another direction, i suggest u upp 1-1-1 cus of broodling should be of any use later on cus broods only do 8 dps after they've launched their first attack with the 3 broodlings.´U sohuld allso uppgrade flyer carpace cus the 1+ attack on broodlords dont do so much cus its the broodlings doing the dmg.

Allso u dont need to aim for such a high number of broodlords vs terran mech, i mean 4 broods can take down 6 thors. and if u get high enough number of corrupters u can always transform them later to broodlords after ur current one died.
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Mayan, the trick is to go Muta-Ling-Baneling-INFESTOR.

You simply spread out the FAST UPGRADED Bling/Ling in an arch around his only attack path. The logic is very very simple.

Lings force Hellions.
Mutas force Thors.
Banelings force Tanks.
Infestors force Ghosts.

If you're vigilant about spreading him out and denying/harssing his third, you're golden. Banelings may not be cost-efficient against Thors, but once the Thors are gone the Mutas clean up the rest with easy. Then you simply keep pushing the issue at his third and eventually you'll crack the Terran nut.
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you have a few ways

1. either you get so many mutas you can kill the thors and kill everything else on the ground - hard
2. you go roaches only with max upgrades and burrow (which is probably the best way to do it) - dont let him scout it and unburrow on top of his army the first time and then you can probably remax until his army is dead.
3. defend until broodlords
4. early roach drop
5. if you have much better eco you can go 10000 banelings

thats basically it
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Im top diamond heading toward masters, I have to say the only way i can beat a terran mecher is if i am at least twice their skill. I need upwards of 300 apm and no mistakes with permi harras and map control. Then i win. I dont use infestors though (i refuse on the basis they are a !@#$%^y unit) so they could help if you are good with them?
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Roach / Hydra / Viper ?
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They didn't have vipers when they made this thread..
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They didn't have vipers when they made this thread..

Then it shouldnt come up as a "hot topic" but it did anyway
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Diamond zerg here.

The easiest way IMO to loose to mech is to let terran sit uncontested on three bases and macro. You should NOT let him build up his ball.

One build that is really strong vs mech is a 2base speed roach timing attack with 1/1 upgrades. It usually even kills a meching terran, and if not it can severely trim down both his scv count and tank/hellbat count. Here is a link to a youtube guide for that build. I've used it quite a bit and it is good vs mech because it hits pretty hard just before 11 minutes while terran is relatively weak and still trying to establish what he needs to be strong later.
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My style of beating a meching terran is ultras and lings, combined with roaches.

Ultras (hopefully max upgraded ofc) with the right support beats both bio and mech imo.

Vs the comp you describe (pure mech) i do ultras 6-10 mass lings, a few banes (5-10, not more) and support that with roaches say 10-20 that gives you approx 130 supply worth of pure ground army, 60 supply for workers and 10 supply for queens.

Roaches and ultras should deal with hellions, lings and ultras should deal with thors and tanks, with roaches behind ofc. Dont attack sieged positions unless you're maxxed on tech (3/5 ultras) and 3/3 roaches and lings.

Ultras will soak the damage from tanks to save your lings, banelings will deal with hellions if he manages to attack your lings with them, so if you cant put the ultra roaches in between the hellions and your lings, try to chase him with the speedbanes. Roaches is just pure armour and a little extra ranged dps to help the ultralings. Remax after first fight and you should be able to roll him.

Edit: Also you should start to deny his exps as soon as your 4 first ultras appear on the map.
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stop dragging out old threads

some gm please close it or sommin:)
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