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I am using wireless and have starcraft 2 allowed through my firewall, when i try to connect it says ''Connecting to The game is awaiting a response from'' it stays like that forever. Starcraft worked when i used Ethernet before. What do I have to do to connect?
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Same for me and my lady. Used 3g too and still no luck. Will try from work connection on monday but was really looking forward to some sc2 :(
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There have been a lot of queries about the status, can we have a reply please?

I know i'm not the only one suffering.
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Hi guys,

It'd help a lot if there was more information provided, can you both please respond with as much of the following as possible?

Country -
Modem (and firmware version if known) -
Router (and firmware version if known) -
Network device (Driver version if available) -
Operating System -
Security Software installed (Firewall, Anti-Virus) -
Traceroute -
Using this command would also help: pathping > c:\pathping.txt

Thanks. :)
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28/04/2012 22:25Posted by Artoah

3G internet connections are not supported and you may experience issues while using those as they can be unstable at times, which is why we're unable to effectively troubleshoot them.

Please connect to landline/cable broadband connection and then test the game again to see if the issue persists.

In regards to your question about our server status - the servers have been working as intended over the weekend and there have been no issues on our side.
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I have played a lot over 3G before and recently over 4G without any problems until the last 2 weeks since I play versus AI (local game, offline play). But even if I log on I can not play offline vs AI from time to time during the last two weeks due to "StarCraft II: Starter Edition cannot play in offline mode."

Clock/Date/Timezone unchanged. I was logged on within the last 48 hours, so the 30 day limit is not the issue. This has happend several times the last 2 weeks, and seem to be only on this laptop since Windows 7 was reinstalled aswell as the game (client downloaded from

Since the game works sometimes this is VERY annoying - I cant verify I will not run into this problem by logging on, playing a game online, going offline and test again since it might work - just to fail when I am out of network reach.

BLIZZARD - FIX THIS! Why should I buy Heart of the Swarm when the game is not working AS IT SHOULD?
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See thats the problem with games u only can play while online. You cant play at all!!!!!
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i have the same problem as darlanio. this is just VERY ANNOYING and just puts you off from playing starcraft... Why is something like this happening and we still have no solution?
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I reinstalled the game and that helped, now i can play as normal and it didnt take more then 30 min
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