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- Great campaign, loved the story, awesome cinematics, better storytelling than WoL and BW.
- Would have liked morphs not be strains. Lurkers + corrupters + broodlords + vipers should have been standard units. I would have liked more customization for more units too (plus evolution) - Aberration, infestors, queens, drones, etc.
- I find there is a lack of filler missions in WoL and HotS. All missions so far have this rushed sense to them and specific special objectives. It would be nice with 5 or so generic 'Destroy the enemy' missions where you can just play with your toys.
- Loved the Hyperion mission. That was fun.
- The 1 planet 3 missions approach is fun.
- I am not a big fan of the boss fights.
- Having Kerrigan as a super unit was fun.

Agree with you regarding the filler missions. They should have left us control the other queens conquering the other worlds that kerrigan ordered to conquer.
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I just hit an idea... but I'd like to run it by here first.
Back in 2010 when WoL came out, there were a lot of people complaining about the same things people whine about today for the campaign, like retcons, "bad characterisation", "hammy atmosphere" and "terrible writing". There were alot of people who defended the story too - a damned effort, considering it means to acknowledge that the story needs to be defended at all - but we can clearly see there's more now.

There are contributing factors to the current scale change. You'll hear a few less people complain about atmosphere and plotholes because the plot was more linear and more solid, and the Terrans from WoL as well as the cheerful nature of WoL pissed of way too many Brood War fans who don't know what a Terran is, don't get that the introduction in a trilogy should be upbeat, and also like their main characters to die for shock value. Hots didn't piss them off as much.

But here's one thing we've got to ask - was there something in WoL that just flew over everyones heads? The theme of freedom, choice and responsibility, how the value of such concepts may and will often lead to conflict and tragedy, how these things are precious and to what extent do we acknowledge that liberty has a price?

The thing is, HotS carries a theme that is far more emotional and less a question of rights to existance. I somehow get the sensation that the reason why less people hate HotS is because the writing is better, but there are more people who love HotS because the theme is more accessible and easier to understand? Somehow, that feels like a poor reason to not give WoL the credit it is due - just because it is not a story of love and hatred's mutual exclusivity, where the core factors are Jim and Sarah, doesn't mean that the story of the choices Tychus and Raynor made - two best friends, forced to a showdown - and the struggles and consequences therein was somehow a less valid theme.

Anyone else feeling this?
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Anyone else feeling this?

I certainly do, if not more so. Though we cannot be connected to Tychus as much as we should due to his introduction so late into the overall story, the game goes out of its way to speak of the fact they were best buds before SC1. This is the reason why I felt fairly saddened about the ending of WoL. Personally I little understand the rage against WoL, I thought that was the best RTS campaign I've ever played (which admittedly isn't saying much if you look at the narrative of some of them.) The way it was conveyed may not have been optimal, but I don't think it was as bad as is made out. I am completely baffled when people say they prefer HotS over WoL. (I have only ventured onto these forums for about 3 days, upon completing HotS, so I am unfamiliar with the entirety of WoL's criticisms.)

I very much liked the themes in WoL, and it grappled with more than just comraderie. The most powerful thing I remember of this even now, is when a character such as Tychus, was saddened at what was approaching: the very showdown that occurred. I can't remember the exact line or what part of the campaign it was, but I believe it was on Char.

"I made a deal with the devil Jimmy."

He knew it was coming, I had hoped it would be resolved in another way so we could keep the character, but what Blizzard did was right. I will never forget WoL.
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Having finished the campaign on normal, and most of the brutal missions/achievements here is what I think about HOTS campaign.

The Good Stuff:
- I loved the graphics. Blizzard really did an amazing job with the new models.
- I loved the music. Again, good job.
- The Cinematics are amazing. I watched the opening cinematic so many times. All cinematics are much better than WOL cinematics.
- The story is great, but I liked WOL story better. For me WOL Story > HOTS story > Brood War Story > Original Starcraft Story. They are all great of course.
- Master archives is a great feature, and I wish we can have them in WOL campaign.
- The campaign really captured the essence of being a part of and leading the swarm. This is something I didn't feel playing zerg campaigns on original SC. Abathur and evolution missions were nice touches. One of the cool moments I liked is Naktul’s forces arriving in Renedezvous mission. Having played on the defending side against those types of Swarm rushes, it was cool to be on the attacking side.

The staff I didn't like:
- Campaign is a lot easier than WOL. This is due to several factors. Kerrigan is a bit overpowered (I know she was meant to be, but may be enemies should be stronger to counter her). Her spawn banelings ability alone is devastating. Also the fact that you don't have to inject larvae makes macro a lot easier. Some of the unit upgrades are too powerful (Corpser roaches and splitter banelings for example).
- Load Screens. As someone who was going after achievements, reloading from saved game/checkpoint when I fail something is a common task. Games take a very long time to load. Spending much of the play time watching the load screen was not fun.
- Some unexplained lore issues. We watched Stukov funeral and coffin in Brood War, how did he come back? Where did Raynor get a gun in his prison cell? What's is the Mengsks (Valerian and Arcturus) relation with Amon and the Hybrids? Why didn't kerrigan return human when Mengsk used the artefact in the ending scene? We also see a lot of zerg flying the skies after Mengks is dead, why didn't the artefact kill them? The artefact could kill zergs in All In mission in WOL.
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Games take a very long time to load. Spending much of the play time watching the load screen was not fun.

That's your computer man.
17/03/2013 11:17Posted by Grendizer
We watched Stukov funeral and coffin in Brood War, how did he come back?

We saw the coffin and not the body in it.
17/03/2013 11:17Posted by Grendizer
Where did Raynor get a gun in his prison cell?

This is interesting. You could assume Kerrigan brought it or it was stored there somewhere.
17/03/2013 11:17Posted by Grendizer
What's is the Mengsks (Valerian and Arcturus) relation with Amon and the Hybrids?

The connection is Narud who was thought to be their scientist. That's all it was suggested/shown.
17/03/2013 11:17Posted by Grendizer
Why didn't kerrigan return human when Mengsk used the artefact in the ending scene?

Because it was modified and/or did not work on its full potential? It's interesting why didn't Narud have it but then Mengsk would not let that happen. What you could argue though is what would the purpose if Mengsk killed Kerrigan with the artifact when there wer so many Zerg left in Korhal plus Raynor? But Mengsk only cared to undo his error.
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17/03/2013 05:52Posted by Snakebite
I am completely baffled when people say they prefer HotS over WoL.

I prefer WoL over HotS but I recognise that HotS is a better story. That's because I don't try to make judgements on which theme is better - the theme of choices and the theme of emotion capacity are BOTH very important, deep and resounding themes, and both campaigns integrate the plot and the conflicts very well into the themes.
What wins HotS over WoL is really just the main character. Sure, the secondary cast in Wings was better, but that's besides the point - the main character's arc is what matters for the theme and the quality of the story. And Raynor - is - fairly linear in his development. Kerrigan has a complex arc.

What I'm dismissive of is people saying HotS was MUCH better than WoL. It was a better story, but the reason why the pro-argument for WoL was so fragile was because the context of theme in story was COMPLETELY ignored by both sides! Instead it was just plot point after plot point discussion.
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17/03/2013 11:33Posted by AlexOdhin
Games take a very long time to load. Spending much of the play time watching the load screen was not fun.

That's your computer man.

My computer is not THAT bad. I can still play the game with max settings without FPS issues in the most crowded missions. My hard disk might be slow, I don't have a SSD. I have 2x7200 RPM drives configured as Raid 0 for faster performance.
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I actually liked the story of HotS, the theme of revenge and change are obviously present. I think that Blizzard has learned a lot from WoL. Some might think WoL's story is better or worse but I don't think we can argue that the storytelling in HotS is better.
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Okay, so a whole rundown of WoL plot and thematic development in the central conflict can be found here:
But the basic statement of what theme Wings of Liberty had is that the resulting and logical consequence of valuing choice is that someone may make a decision against you. And in Wings, where Tychus had to make the choice that exactly conflicted with the choice of his best friend, it was clear that only one of them could walk out alive.

Now to Hots.

The campaign initiates, quite clearly, with Kerrigan still bitter and angry about what Mengsk had to put her through, and she dreams of what she'd do if she had the Zerg Swarm back. Raynor tries to snap her out of it, because of how much he cares for her he doesn't want to see her consumed by hatred. And it is quite clearly shown that Kerrigan doesn't want this either, she loves Raynor too, but her hatred for Mengsk is so thorough and inexplicable that she can't simply forget about it.

During the tests with Valerian, it is clear that Kerrigan is at her most human nature that she's been since her infestation in the Swarm. She easily conducts the zerg to break the containment while making soft puns at Valerian, but doesn't really kill anyone or the like. For a while she even seems to be relaxed and distracted from her brooding. Afterwards, she discusses with Raynor whether he'd really made the right decision, and Raynor cites both the most important aspect of WoL - the central conflict between Tychus and Raynor's choices - and as well exposits what becomes the central issue of this campaign - that Kerrigan is not the Queen of Blades. But to what extent is he right? I'll return to this shortly.

The Dominion then attacks the Umojan lab. The cinematic "Get it Together" speaks for itself of what is really at stake in this story - not just the overthrowing of a government, but what will Kerrigan prioritise - revenge or love? "The killing will never stop," she says, and Raynor responds "That's enough of that. Get it together, darlin'." But you already know this, but perhaps you haven't considered the thorough significance this has to the theme. Can Kerrigan really love Raynor if she obsesses over Mengsk?
The two team up again and as always they are excellent together. When with Jim, Sarah is at her best mentality, doesn't brood and is legitimately happy. Kerrigan almost seems to forget about Mengsk entirely, not once does she cite something like "Mengsk will die for this" or the like - the simple thrill of bashing dominion troops with Raynor beside her is enough. But tragically, this comes to an end.

Once they are separated and Raynor is unable to reach the escape dropship, Kerrigan is convinced to leave. Valerian promises that they'll return to pick Jim up, and she leaves, while Raynor is arrested by Nova. When Kerrigan finds out that the Hyperion abandoned Raynor, she becomes infuriated - she of all people knows just what it's like to be abandoned, and this time it is no other than the son of the man who left her to the Swarm. Even though the Hyperion is being yamato-cannoned as they speak, Kerrigan's emotions completely overcome her reason and she strikes out at everyone, with only Horner able to convince her that she's not helping Raynor by halting their escape now. Angry and disillusioned, her hopes built up and now under assault by reality, she leaves the Hyperion to the nearby planet to do what she can to help Raynor's escape.

This is where things begin to turn dark. As she controls the zerg hive to eradicate the dominion, she is overcome once again with aspects of her old zerg mentality, and tries to thereafter seek escape from it in the only way she knows - to try to find Raynor, the only one who can ever convince her she's not a monster. But then the Dominion reveals his death, and Kerrigan's faith in humanity, hers especially, snaps. With Mengsk once more, and like never before, the target of her vengeace, she returns to the Swarm, and will "kill them one by one until they accept her as the Queen". She later admits to even her advisors that her purpose for the Swarm is to destroy Mengsk and nothing else, and whether she'd be a great leader. There's nothing left for Kerrigan at this point but despair and anger, and she becomes at an uneasy peace with the fact that there's no moral high ground involved - she will simply kill everything that threatens her and everything that stands between her and revenge. The love for Raynor and the appreciation for the sacrifices he made are forgotten as Kerrigan once again becomes what Raynor strove so hard to free her from. Or does she?

At this point I must ONCE AGAIN stress the differance between the QoB in Sc1, Bw and WoL and Kerrigan in HotS or just Sarah Kerrigan in general. I have a whole two threads dedicated to this explanation.



But the general gist of it is that it is absolutely clear that even when Kerrigan identifies herself once again as the QoB once she returns to a zerg-form, even when she doesn't believe she's Kerrigan anymore, she is still NOT the Queen of Blades from that era. Her motives, her personality and her perspective are completely different. Most importantly, is the dichotomy of hatred and love that replaces the fury and vileness of the Queen of Blades. But there are fairly many other different aspects too, they're just not as important to the theme at hand. I'll return to this point once again when discussing "Believe in me".
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Once Kerrigan takes Char back and becomes a Zerg, Mengsk reveals to her that Raynor is alive, but Kerrigan can't sense him. Still, she won't rest before she rescues Raynor from their grip, no matter what Raynor will do or say next. Mengsk, the man she hates more than anything, aptly adds that Raynor of all people would probably like to kill her now. But in her passion, does Kerrigan stockpile this as another reason to seek revenge on Mengsk? Does she simply ignore the gun that Mengsk is holding on Raynor and attack Mengsk regardless? No. Because once more, the hate is subsiding, and she begins to focus on something that pulls at her and speaks to her humanity - her love for James Raynor.

Now, this is where the few points of non-linearity kick in. For sake of argument let's consider SkyGeirr to be done before the rescue missions, although I personally rescued Jim first since I felt it would be a more in-character decision. At SkyGeirr the overarching "large conflict", not necessarily the central conflict, of Starcraft 2 is present, that of Amon and the Hybrid. Back on Zerus, the Ancient one Zurvan exposited to Kerrigan, and Zeratul warned her, that Amon would be returning and she'd need the power of Zerg to defeat him. But that was not at the time her concern - she survived the transformation fueled by what drove her to do it, the hatred for Mengsk and her need for revenge. She assaulted SkyGeirr to destroy the Hybrid, but she did not believe in the return of Amon... untill she had to face of with Narud personally.

The Shang Tsung fight with Narud is partially confusing. I entertain the idea that, well, what if Kerrigan believed that Raynor was some shape-shifting manipulator the whole time? That would seriously break her, or at least as was shown, give her pause. But her faith in Jim lets her see through the overdetailed disguise (seriously, cigarrete box, too?) and she begins assaulting Narud. But then he shifts into Kerrigan's old ghost form.
Now this is one of the points of confusion. It doesn't symbolise her inner conflict, because it's obviously just a trick. Does it symbolise her wanting a better life? Once again, just a trick. Was Narud planning to kill Kerrigan and then free Raynor and pretend to be deinfested Kerrigan? Well, that would be awkward. I think this one design choice is more than anything done for the trailer. There IS inner conflict in Kerrigan's character, but this isn't one of them.
Sure, I could cite "symbolism" but it would be very stupid to do so. However, the scene does serve it's purpose, since it integrates the overarching antagonist back into the plot without conflicting too much with the central theme, which was a small issue in WoL where the prophecy by its very existence could be said to challenge the theme rather than strenghten it.

Now, at this point is where I return to "Believe in me". Kerrigan has lost her identity at this point as she "became the Swarm" and more often than ever claims that she's the one responsible for Queen of Blades' actions before she rescues Jim. That is why when she does break into his cell and Raynor confronts her with the crimes she thought she commited, she hands him a gun and aims it at her head - her wish that if the only person who had really considered her good, the man who she loves, considers her the monster that she now also identifies as, then it is the truth, and she must die - vengeance or no, it won't matter. Her love for Raynor is more important. And Raynor, of course, doesn't fire, because he still knows that it is Sarah Kerrigan before him, and not the wretched Queen of Blades. But he knows something else - that Kerrigan's hatred for Mengsk was so fierce that she went through all the steps to reverse his actions to bring her back. Did she really love him more than she hated Mengsk? Of course not. So Jim did the right thing, and shut her down - "We're done." There's no way to sustain a relationship of romance when one of the parties is obsessed over another individual to the point of undermining all the efforts of the other party to sustain the relationship. Kerrigan returns to the leviathan now, more alone than she'd ever been before, and proceeds with what she had started out to do.

The invasion of Korhal takes ample opportunity to showcase that her humanity is largely returning and that she's not influenced by the Swarm's ruthlessness, rather instead forcing the Zerg to avoid slaughtering the populations and allowing for evacuation. Throughout the whole invasion, the Dominion is so well-prepared for the onslaught that at several times it actually seems like the Zerg are having more trouble taking Korhal than the Dominion did in taking Char. People may argue that the Dominion isn't supposed to stand a chance in this engagement, but I cite balance and say that the tensions would just not be strong enough if after all that's happened we'd know beforehand who will be succesful - and Mengsks confidence is so effectively bolstering the tension, since even towards the end the man never seems to feel defeated. And of course, there's the recknoning.

It goes without saying that the campaign had a lot of heartfelt moments available for all those that weren't just trying to run away from the story because "it's too soapy". But the return of Jim Raynor to fight with Kerrigan and the Reckoning was not only hearfelt, it was awesome. Raynor once again shows just how much of a greatest friend he is in always being there to back up the people he cares about to fight causes he believes in, while Kerrigan thanks him for his return to which he responds "Thank me later", which of course she does. Ascension is covered in "the ending is a masterpiece" thread, go ahead and check it out after you're done reading this.


Basically, after all the hatred has been vindicated, after Mengsk is finally defeated and killed, the hatred subsides. But she cannot return to Jim. She has a duty now, a career as the leader of the Swarm and must opposed the return of the fallen one. Even in the conflict of hatred and love, though love always must win through, sometimes happiness doesn't. Her purpose must come first, and she ascends back into the Swarm, thanking Jim, and after the last speech by Kerrigan the credits roll.

There's a very relavant theme here, and as I exposited, every plot turn and almost every aspect element contributes to it in one way or another. This is such a step up from Brood War, which carried itself on despair and shocking plot premises that got the characters killed, that it stands solid as the best Blizzard have done so far. SC1 carried itself on succesful and intricate plot and characters - Brood War ruined those, and SC2 has since resurrected them AND added what was missing for a real valid story, without the hollowness of being just another conflict plot - THEME.

After 3 years of dispute and controversy, after 5 months of debate and stalemates on plot contradictions and faulty writing criticism with both sides... after all the discussion that went nowhere on atmosphere and characters, after all the subjective interpretations, it is finally possible to say, completely objectively, which story arc is better, on this single element, this vital core of storytelling, that differentiates the two.

For all of these reasons, with respect to both Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm, the Starcraft 2 trilogy has in so far proven a far superior story than SC1 or Brood War, and House Pro-SC2 FINALLY takes home the debate.
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Basically, after all the hatred has been vindicated, after Mengsk is finally defeated and killed, the hatred subsides. But she cannot return to Jim. She has a duty now, a career as the leader of the Swarm and must opposed the return of the fallen one.

God, you're killing me with these posts Rasofe. While I know all this is true and makes sense, I don't feel the hope in the end. There needs to be hope for these characters and I simply refuse to believe that Kerrigan is forever destined to lead the Swarm.

Waiting (hopefully less than) three years without the hope of happiness in the end does not sound like something I would like to do.

Give me the hope.
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Lwyn, I must regrettfully say that my purpose for the last two to three years and certainly the last few months has not been to colour a beutiful painting, but to prove that Starcraft 2 is the superior story. I have done this in some very ruthless waves - I've sidelined, I've insulted, I've trolled, I've spoken nonsense and I've created and sustained pointless arguments, knowing all the time that by deadlocking my opposition into discussion of plot and atmosphere and technique, I could eventually bottle those down to subjective stances - so that now I could come out with the hammer I had kept poised for so long, one that has been overlooked by people such as Telenil and Stukov who never, ever responded to my original assesment of Wings of Liberty theme and central conflict because to them, the story is all about plot, lore and the visions of characters that they believe belong to them.

Well, now the hammer has fallen. And it is clear that as relevant and resounding themes, the old Starcraft campaigns have none. There will be plot points of betrayal. There will be conflict of revolution. There were even the aspects of changing circumstances with the advent of new threats. But these are not themes - these are plot and setting elements. There's no denying that on a fundamental literal level, the themes that I have showcases in Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm are not only extant, but they form the core focus of the campaigns, right down to the most basic design choices.

I would gladly sacrifice your happy ending, and the 8004 dignity points I have stockpiled, lose them all in the pointless debates I've conducted the last several months on the UED being unatmospheric, the OVII being a bad macguffin as opposed to the artifact being a good one, what entailed to be a Terran... those do not matter. For now that the thematic aspect - the very essence of relevance and quality of a story, the only purpose that it can serve unless it is only for the sake of a game - has been proven to be superior, NONE of the arguments the WoL and HotS haters, none of the writing criticisms or their populistic assertions hold anymore. The day has been won by House SC2, after three years, the day has finally been won.
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Are we talking about HotS, LotV or SC2 as a whole here? My ending talks always discuss the end to LotV unless otherwise stated, as in the end to the trilogy. Sometimes I feel like were talking about different things without noticing.

I agree with your thematic analysis above but I will not accept it as the final state of things. I will also fight for a happy end, during the journey happiness can be gone for all I care but there needs to be the hope. The hope is what keeps me following these stories, I realized this when ME3 debacle started almost exactly 1 year ago.

All I need is that I can imagine Homecoming by Thomas Bergersen playing in the end and not feel like it's terribly out of place. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RVIgZRRlmk)
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Were you around in 2010 on the forums, did you see the "What a dissapointing campaign" thread?
That is what I'm talking about. If you search my post history, you'll find my post there was the first one I made.
You could say that in a given way, my entire existance on these forums is primarily to prove the superiority of SC2 to those with shut eyes and closed minds.
The happy ending or no happy ending is not important to me - as long as it is done well, I will be able to substantiate my standing either way. And it is the quality of the story that matters above all, not wish fulfilment.
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House Pro-SC2 FINALLY takes home the debate.

This is not for you to decide. It would be like a barrister smugly telling the jury "I'm right" after a particularly confident closing speech.

I must regrettfully say that my purpose for the last two to three years and certainly the last few months has not been to colour a beutiful painting

This is correct. A case could be made that Blizzard should give the fans what they want (happy ending e.t.c.) but this consideration is in my view really up to them. In purchasing the game we are not some kind of hypothetical shareholders becoming entitled to vote on the story. Nevertheless, we are still consumers, and the quality of this product is not measured by how jaw-dropping the CGI works or music are alone. They are entitled to take the story in whichever way they want it, but it should not push us toward the end result merely be throwing poor dialogue and pre-scripted ingame events at us without serious consideration as to how it affects the character personalities and story as a whole. I'm in the process of replying to Rasofe's analysis, so I'll explain what relevance my last statement has momentarily.
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This is not for you to decide. It would be like a barrister smugly telling the jury "I'm right" after a particularly confident closing speech.

Funny thing, that's exactly what's done in debates.
Don't believe me, check them out some time. The final words are almost always "And our side take home the debate", especially valid in this case since it's the truth.
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17/03/2013 15:52Posted by Rasofe
I must regrettfully say that my purpose for the last two to three years and certainly the last few months has not been to colour a beutiful painting, but to prove that Starcraft 2 is the superior story.

Razofe, that must be a very sad life :( Take my deepest compassions.
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I've watched debates, they can get very competitive indeed. But I would prefer to take out the hostility in these discussions by not focusing on "hammering down" your opponents as you do, but through exploring and persuading others. I value your opinions (as indeed they still are) more highly than most of the discussion people put forward on these forums, simply because you've thought them through, and in some way are trying to convince others that something you love is great. Do you do it through the kindness of your own heart or is it merely you wanting to stamp your perceived superior intellect on others? I don't know.

But you exude intense arrogance when you post, which you must agree is extremely ineffective when trying to persuade (I base this not just off this topic, but many others.) Granted you must feel exasperated by a lot of the arguments people put forward on these forums, but the way you conduct yourself is unpleasant. Maybe you don't care how you come across, but then you would be no better than the "trolls" who post here merely to aggravate others.

I compared you to a barrister because a barrister should always serve his client and not his ego or reputation. Let me tell you that I have only joined these forums recently, but I have come to be persuaded that HotS is as great as I want it to be, and not to mindlessly critcise the work of Blizzard's employees. As you seem to have well thought out and explained opinions, I would like to continue to discuss with you, but not if it is going to become hostile.
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Were you around in 2010 on the forums

No, I wasn't.

The happy ending or no happy ending is not important to me - as long as it is done well, I will be able to substantiate my standing either way. And it is the quality of the story that matters above all, not wish fulfilment.

After ME3 happy endings have become much more important to me. Of course, ultimately all stories should have a fitting ending. It has just been my experience that happy endings are far harder to screw up than more somber endings and I don't trust Blizzard enough to write a somber ending that still leaves me satisfied.

It all boils down to this: I am here to make noise about a thing I want to happen because no one else is going to do it for me. (thankfully that last part turned out to be wrong as surprisingly many others desire a happier ending, too).
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It all boils down to this: I am here to make noise about a thing I want to happen because no one else is going to do it for me. (thankfully that last part turned out to be wrong as surprisingly many others desire a happier ending, too).

You're right in doing so if that's what you believe in. Were I to feel so strongly about a happy ending I would have done the same. You are indeed fortunate to have others doing it for you. I think Rasofe and I are merely saying that your wish to have a happy ending doesn't mean the fact you didn't get one in HotS makes it bad. So when you said you feel you're both actually on the same page but seem to argue, from the little I've seen you're right.

To you I'd say that, unless Blizzard has already decided the ending, when the time comes to conclude it all enough noise will have been made for them to acknowledge the fact that most of the fans want the nice ending. Simply put, you have nothing to worry about :)

Unless they've already set the ending in stone through having done the voice over and CGI e.t.c. In which case it makes no difference what people want. We can only hope that whatever they choose, it will satisfy us.
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