November 14th 2010 7pm CET

EU Gateway

Round 1 (32) : BO1 - Metalopolis
Round 2 (16) : BO1 - Scrap Station
Quarter Final (8) : BO3 - Blistering Sands (Loser decides 2nd/3rd map)
Semi-Final (4) : BO3 - Xel'Naga Caverns (Loser decides 2nd/3rd map)
Final (2) : BO5 - Lost Temple (Loser decides 2nd/3rd/4th/5th map)

Winner must submit replays to (Not Zipped) - Name Format: <Round#><Winner><Match#> for example: SemiFinal.Darko.BO3-1

If replays are not submitted, the match never happened as far as admins are concerned.

In the event of a disconnection:
<4 Mins - Restart (Same races must be chosen)
>4 Mins - Game will be over

In the event of both players dropped from the server:
Restart (Same races must be chosen)

All participants must idle in #SCEU @ Quakenet.

To sign-up: go to and insert your bnet name and character code in the field. Eg. MaGiC#655