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Videocasts Thread - The best of zerg.....


Instead of randomly creating threads of your favourate replays and day9 dailys can we create a single thread of all the best Zerg replays?

The idea would be, people post links to good replays and don't comment. We then create seperate comment threads for particularly awesome videos. That way the original video thread doesn't get clogged up?

If the thread is useful, hopefully we can get it stickied!!!
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MLG Dallas: Huk v TheLittleOne g1

MLG Dallas: Huk v TheLittleOne g2 p1/2

MLG Dallas: Huk v TheLittleOne g2 p2/2
Edited by Ken on 19/11/2010 13:27 GMT
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sick Blinkstalker action (IdrA vs Nazgul):

..and its counter:

Game 1. Very sick Protoss tactic you should be aware of (mOOnGLaDe vs Kowi):

Sick Roach/Infestor combo that, even executed poorly, totaly owns even a lot of Mutalisks:
Edited by Morghaine on 19/11/2010 13:35 GMT
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LIVE CAST - SC2 HD #164 PsY[Z] vs [Z]MnMEdward
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The dangers of Terran Mech!

HD Starcraft 2 Dimaga(Z) v Painuser(T) p1/2

HD Starcraft 2 Dimaga v Painuser p2/2
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WhiteRa vs Azalea - PvZ - Part 1 - HD StarCraft

WhiteRa vs Azalea - PvZ - Part 2 - HD StarCraft

WhiteRa vs Azalea - PvZ - Part 3 - HD StarCraft
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nice stuff.. very cool =)
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Husky and HDstarcraft - 2v2 - PZ vs PT - Part 1 of 2

Husky and HDstarcraft - 2v2 - PZ vs PT - Part 2 of 2
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Husky casts LiquidHayprO (Z) vs SeleCT (T)

Last 10 mins only; massive ultralisk build - aka "Gravy Train of Win headed to PwnTown"
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Day 9 #235 Z vs Z Opening Builds
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IMMVP vs EGIdrA - TvZ on Shakuras Plateau

The #1 player in the world, IMMVP, takes on one of the greatest Zergs, and the #1 American player, IdrA!

Amazing macro game, a MUST SEE!
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EGMachine vs EGiNcontroL - ZvP on Shakuras Plateau

Evil Genius team members Machine and iNcontroL go at it in a LONGGGGGGGGGGGG Zerg vs Protoss matchup on Shakuras Plateau. 30 min match
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Starcraft 2 Tutorial - Destiny's Baneling Analogy

"Banelings are a lot like *@#%..."
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Nice work dude:) voted for sticky:)
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Destiny teaching Jimmy ("JIMMMMYYYY NOOOOOOOOOOO!") - Starcraft 2 Lesson
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Starcraft 2 - Destiny's Subterranean A n a l Assault
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Starcraft 2 - Destiny's Massive Baneling Bust

Biggest baneling bust ever seen!
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Starcraft 2 - Destiny's Forcefield Rage

Destiny reacts to badly to some misplaced forcefields. His partner is Cammalleri.
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Voted sticky.

PS: Who reported this? Why do people report everything?
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