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After aiding in Sarah Kerrigan’s de-infestation, Prince Valerian Mengsk contained the former Queen of Blades in a secret Umojan research facility. Here, Valerian subjected her to myriad tests—hoping to determine whether she still posed a threat to the Koprulu sector—until the day Jim Raynor arrived.

Jim encouraged Sarah to leave with him and start a new life, but she knew there’d be no peace with Arcturus Mengsk still in control of the Dominion. During her final test, Kerrigan overwhelmed the facility’s security measures by taking control of its captive zerg specimens, forcing Valerian to concede that containing her was impossible.

Before Raynor and Kerrigan could leave, the Dominion staged an attack on the facility to eliminate Sarah. The battle separated Sarah from Jim, but they planned to rendezvous on the planet Phaeton.

Jim never made it to Phaeton. In a UNN broadcast, Emperor Arcturus Mengsk declared the infamous “terrorist” captured and executed. Enraged, Sarah set course for zerg space, where she rallied the Swarm to exact vengeance upon Mengsk. She commandeered a Leviathan—a massive spacefaring beast—to serve as her center of operations, and reunited with her former advisor and memory keeper, a creature known as Izsha; and Abathur, the zerg evolution master created by the Overmind.

While seeking her brood on Char, Kerrigan encountered Dominion general Horace Warfield and his forces in control of the planet. To levy the Swarm to her side, Sarah challenged the Broodmother Zagara. Violent and utterly dominant over Char’s swarm, Zagara rejected the idea of a soft, weak terran ruling the zerg—until she was defeated by one.

With Zagara and her brood integrated into the Swarm, Kerrigan unleashed the zerg upon the occupying terrans, cleaving a swath of destruction through troops and defensive emplacements and mortally wounding Warfield. The general implored Kerrigan to spare his fleeing soldiers—but she ended his life instantly when he implied that Raynor would be horrified by her actions. As her rage subsided, Kerrigan commanded her forces to pull back, allowing Warfield’s beleaguered troops to escape.

As Kerrigan traveled, her old adversary Zeratul confronted her aboard the Leviathan; not to fight, but to show her a vision of planet Zerus, birthplace of the zerg. He told Kerrigan of the primal zerg—the original zerg—who didn’t share the Swarm’s hive mind. The primals evolved by consuming the essence of their prey, and Zeratul urged Sarah to travel to Zerus and do the same—if only for the sake of her vengeance.

Heeding Zeratul’s advice, she prepared to travel to Zerus.