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Aiur Birthplace of the protoss and formerly the heart of their interstellar empire, Aiur is now a zerg breeding ground littered with the detritus of war. Braxis Despite a long history of settlement by both the protoss and the terrans, the ice planet of Braxis has a reputation as being one of the Koprulu sector’s most inhospitable worlds. Char Char is the Swarm’s base of operations in the Koprulu sector, a brutal ash-world riddled with extended hive colonies and teeming with millions of zerg. Kaldir Isolated and freezing, Kaldir has long resisted outside colonization, but it’s home to surprisingly unique and intransigent forms of life. Korhal Throne world of the Terran Dominion, Korhal IV is an irradiated testament to mankind’s war-torn history in the Koprulu sector. Mar Sara Overrun by the zerg and later incinerated by the protoss, the backwater planet of Mar Sara was terraformed and re-colonized by intrepid terrans in 2502. Moria Considered the most lucrative terran mining world in the Koprulu sector, the large red planet of Moria is ruled over by the corrupt Kel-Morian Combine. New Folsom Deadly, unstable, and inaccessible to any but the most heavily armored military starships, New Folsom serves as the Terran Dominion’s nightmarish prison planet. Phaeton Lengthy stretches of sand comprise Phaeton’s landscape, making the desert world an ideal hiding place for exiles – or the slitherings of a newborn zerg Hive. Shiloh Aside from being the birthplace of Jim Raynor, the temperate fringe world of Shiloh is known for the tenacity of its rural farming communities. Tarsonis Once the central hub of the Confederacy’s economy and governance, Tarsonis is now a ruined world under strict quarantine by the Terran Dominion. Umoja Umoja, one of the original worlds colonized by terrans, is the seat of power for the Umojan Protectorate, a political entity ideologically opposed to the tyrannical Dominion. XT39323 Though the remote planetoid XT39323 is situated firmly in Umojan space, its titanic xenobiology lab is all but unknown to the Protectorate’s citizens.