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Suggestion to Blizzard; Since you have done a superb job on merging the armory, and the wow webbsite's, wouldnt the next logical step be a forum for guildmembers under the "guildtab" (
It could even be subscription fee for it.. OR as a guildperk for guilds over a certain lvl.

+ Easy access for blizz forum staf to keep check on what the guilds are up too.
+ Easy for guildmembers to keep check on what the guild is up too... (everything on one site)
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Dear Gerome,

why don't you just make a guild website? Some sites make it really easy, fast and free and you'll have a guild site and forum of your own, so you can decide what's on it:)
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We have one allready (for a couple of years) but since i rly like what blizzard done with this forum. I see advantages for both players and blizzard with having all information in one place.

And its not all guilds that have people that know how to manage a webbpage/forum.

the nice part about this is that you can see guildstatus, raid calendar etc.. all in one place!

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I can see what Gerome is saying. There are a lot of guild hosting websites around, but not sure any of them are run or owned by Blizz? They would seem to be the logical choice as they can make it more compatible with the game than anyone.

Maybe this should be in the suggestions forum if there still is one.
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Couldnt find one when i started the thread.

But yea.. Blizz have all the data and it would be perfect to make use of it all.
Edited by Gerome on 07/12/2010 13:19 GMT
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Add to that, people usually don't like it if they have to register somewhere to be part of a community. Especially now their login is their email on WoW, they don't really feel like sharing it with a bunch of people they hardly know.
If, however, it would be on this site, people won't have to register for some forum, and if they leave the guild, they don't leave behind a possible login, and won't get any messages from that guild either (some Guilds send out mass-mails as weekly updates, or stuff like that)
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I have never actually thought about this before, I think this would be absolutely brilliant to do so, you just log-in with your account, pick the character where you're in a guild with, and there you go, a link to the guild forums through battlenet.
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