Avenger's Shield - is it "smart" targeting ability?

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It has struck me on yesterday's Throne of Tides run with my shaman:
On those packs with 2 healer mobs, we had mage sheep one, me hex the other, and paladin tank pulling the pack, with I think Avenger's Shield, without breaking the CC.
So, is AS "smart", as in, ignoring CC'd mobs, or at least taking not-CC'd ones over them, or was he just lucky? If it's the latter, how would -you- pull those packs? (or any pack, without breaking the CC on some mobs in it)
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Since patch 2.4 AS will not hit secondary targets that are under CC that break on taking damage. (Source: http://www.wowwiki.com/Patch_2.4)

Before that there were two ways to handle it. The first alternative was to throw AS first and have the dps CC the mobs while they were hit with daze. This however didn't work with sap (doesn't work once mobs are in combat), so instead you sapped a mob at one end of the group and threw the shield on the other end. The travel path of the shield is deterministic, going to the nearest mob. The big disadvantage with this was that you couldn't sap a mob in the middle of a group.
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CC the first mob left and the one next to him, leaving 3. Then... hit the furtherst right....
and like magic the shield hits the 3 you need, as if by magic the pull you always wanted!

++ - - -

CC, super shield kapow

Anyway that's the way I've been doing it.
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Cool, thanks. :)
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