55 Human Hunter
Ok, so Im Currently A Level 40 Hunter, Human, ive recently (about 1 hr ago) spent 50g on the best gear possible that i can afford, and the 100% mount for travelling, my pet is a crockodile level 39, my hp is 2000+, im using the best bow possible 35.6dps, and a spear 28.9dps, my armour is 1253 and im using mail, i just need to know were i should level till 45 or 45-50 aswell as 40-45 i play on khadgar and have about 20g left, im mainly using agility and strength, also my talent tree is beast mastery, and my pet has 2000hp and my avrage hit is 200-300 thanks in advance and i hope somone helps :D

P.S i have cataclsym incase i need it.
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100 Blood Elf Paladin
You will find in all of your Cities a board that will give you an introduction to a zone you can quest in if you have not followed the breadcrumb trail yourself. In your case I believe it will give you a Quest to go and meet Fiona in the Eastern Plaguelands. If you get a bit stuck Wowhead and wowpedia are full of useful information to.

Hope this helps, as with a lot of my alts when the Shattering happened a lot of zones levels changed as well as there content, and for exsisting alts I just used these boards in the cities to put me back on track.
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55 Human Hunter
yes, im in the eastern plaguelands thanks mate im back on track and has nearly dinged again :)
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100 Undead Priest
spent 50g on the best gear possible that i can afford

I would beg to differ, based on what gear items I can see. Unfortunately your character appears to be naked apart from his Spear and Necklace according to the armory as I write this. Based on what I can see, I would be a bit worried about your other selections.

im using the best bow possible 35.6dps, and a spear 28.9dps,

The bow is probably fine, though I would be curious what stats are on it. Your spear is....terrible, sad to say. Fortunately its a quest reward so you didnt waste any gold on it. Hunters are not a melee class so the dps of the weapon is irrelevant, and also strength is almost useless to them. You would actually be better off with a green item with a few points of agility.

Hunters need only 2 of the basic stats, Agility and Stamina. There is no reason to seek out extra amounts of strength, intellect or spirit.

my armour is 1253 and im using mail

Again, because you are not a melee class, your armor value isnt that important unless you do pvp. Stats are more important than gear, so again a leather item with agility and stamina but 50 armor, is way way better than a mail item with 400 armor but spirit and strength.

im mainly using agility and strength

As noted above, ditch the strength. While you do get a very small amount of attack power from it, its really not a good stat for you.
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33 Night Elf Druid
Confused why you needed to post all of that, really makes no difference, you just level one side or t'other.... The zones are zones and each has a level guide... Blizzard signpost everything now and only five levels per region normally so you can do it in the blink of an eye.

They go like this:

40-45 Eastern Plaguelands
48-50 Searing Gorge
50-52 Burning Steps
52-54 Swamp of Sorrows
54-58 Blasted Lands


40-45 Thousand Needles
45-50 Tanaris
45-50 Felwood
50-55 Ungoro
50-55 Winterspring

Its not rocket science and you could pretty much do the areas naked dancing while you pop the mobs and singing Christmas carols.

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100 Undead Priest
otherwise check this picture out from mmo-champion

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58 Pandaren Rogue
I was just wandering if evreyone checks if my armour and weapons are good enough because i see loads of people the same level as me with better gear and higher health ,better dps.
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