Outlands is outdated.

85 Worgen Hunter
I love questing in outland northrend on the other hand *vomit* until I get to zul'drak and the there's an awesome 2/3 levels before i spam dungeons to lv 80.
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85 Night Elf Warrior
I agree. Im currently leveling a DK in outland and the quests are very basic compared to the new/revamped ones im used to. Every quest seems to be either 'kill 20 <monster>' or 'obtain 10 <item> that drops from every second <monster>' The scenery is really nice though and im forcing myself to do the quests cause all of my other chars just BG'd or dungeoned there way through lv 58-68.
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85 Night Elf Rogue
Outland is outdated. Azeroth is already after Cataclysm, so why don't Outland move forward? Maybe it should a bit in MoP, but I doubt it will. MoP is all about a new area.

I hate Hellfire, so I always abandond quests at 60 and go to a bit nicer Zangarmash. Terokkar looks nice too. I have found Blade's Edge quite good.

Quests are boring though. As people have already said, they are typicsl kill-bring quests that can drive someone crazy.
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Outland is somewhere behind the portal. Besides, Outland zones are cataclysmic as is except Nagrand maybe. So, there is no need to screw it even more :)
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32 Human Warrior
Azeroth is great for questing - though I often find myself target to doing dungeons and dailies only. Outlands is indeed pretty bad.
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90 Night Elf Druid
Outland is my favorite areas, but that might just be due to nostalgia.
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85 Orc Shaman
Outland is outdated. Azeroth is already after Cataclysm, so why don't Outland move forward? Maybe it should a bit in MoP, but I doubt it will. MoP is all about a new area.

I hate Hellfire, so I always abandond quests at 60 and go to a bit nicer Zangarmash. Terokkar looks nice too. I have found Blade's Edge quite good.

Quests are boring though. As people have already said, they are typicsl kill-bring quests that can drive someone crazy.

How can anyone like Zangarmarsh, so much water..... Ugghhh....

The only zone I like in Outland is probably Nagrand, and that's still a pretty bad zone.
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I personnally hated 1-60 80-85 quests. Boring. Nothing to do, nothing to search, everything is a few meters near. If it's a little farther, a vehicle sends you there, (Imagine: a new player who looks at the map might be lost...)

What I hate on those quests are not really the quests themselves, they're quite better in realizing them, more diversity.
But... you have nothing to do... You're no longer in a mmo game... And what bored me the most: there's ONE quest by aera... You just have to follow the arrows Blizz painted.

I'd done the 1500 quests for achievements lore before cata. I've done the new ones, they really are boring, tastless you are no more implicated in the game, immersion is gone... I feeled the same during 80-85. Too much guided, too much linear... That's like a powerpoint viewer where you have to click your choice between -kill the mob -let NPCs kill the mob for you -watch the 157th cinematic in Uldum -pick up the three objects the NPC didn't see near his feet -use paintball onto the 10 mobs... And you only have one choice at a time.

There are no longer group quests, no more epic quests, no difficult quests, just soap...
You don't need no longer to explore, the quests bring you everywhere. You get achievments for quests and exploration without looking for it.

So you finish every quests in less that 3-4 days, and you see on forums there's lack of things IG.
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100 Night Elf Rogue
- Exp is alredy nerfed.
- There's heirlooms to make it even quicker.
- There's a 5% extra exp bonus, if your guild is lvl 2 or more, which just about all guilds are now.
- You can leave Outland at 68, that's when Northrend quests opens.

Don't know why you're all whining, Outland isn't that bad. And it certainly dosn't take long to get to 70, even without added exp benefits.

Even still, (I loathe outland) afterwards you get the horror that is Northrend D:

And I think 80-85 is quite nice, I get the feeling that I'm actually part of the story :)
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85 Draenei Death Knight
Just hit 70 in outland, and have to say it probally was the most boring quest chains so far, but its not bad, i mean as a new player i know im going to be going there a few more times yet, But now im just stuck where to go :D so i just farm matts round outland and ocasionally join a dungeon to get me through it!
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100 Dwarf Paladin
Same goes with WOTLK, it is outdated too.

Making most group quests into single player quests and making dungeon quests to be in dungeons is good start.
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82 Worgen Hunter
I certainly don't enjoy outland quests, I dungeon past most if possible. Found it dull the first time I went through it, northend is a lot better!
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85 Troll Hunter
Having played several chars up on both alliance and horde side I must say that Horde quest lines are alot better planned out in most Outlands/Northrend zones. I have 3 times more Horde chars than Alliance chars.

That might be the reason I still like to quest in some zones in Outlands and Northrend. And now that everything has been nerfed to the ground xp-wise those areas is done in a few days with heavy focus on just that 1 char.

My normal route through Outlands is HP, Zangar, Nagrand. By the time you are done in Nagrand you are easy lvl 68 and can moove on to Northrend. there are only 2 zones in Outlands I loathe and that Terro(r)kar and Shadowmoon Valley.

Northrend I go HF, GH, Sholozar and StormPeaks and that is enough to get those 12 lvl's and to me at least are the better zones. Back before the nerf I also included Zul Drak, but thats not needed anymore and tbh that zone doesnt get interesting untill you start doing the animal gods quests. I really dont like Dragonblight as a questing zone but the lore there is really good
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90 Night Elf Druid
I like Outland. At the moment i started to do Loremaster achievement. Once you start to read quests and understand the whole lore behind it these quest becomes very cool and more than bareable. I just love the whole story line behing blood elves and draenai factions. But i agree. The rewamped nez zones in Azeroth are much better.
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85 Human Death Knight
Outland, not Outlands.

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Ok here is my problem.

1-60 questing is absolutely outstanding. I made a Dwarf Shaman on the day of the 4.0.3a patch and got him from 1-60. I loved every minute of it (Westfall, Redridge, Western PL, Swamp of Sorrows, Burning Steppes and Blasted Lands were all amazing) I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Then I got to outland and it changed from epic to mind numbingly boring. With the exception of first stepping through the dark portal and the entirety of Zangamarsh, Outlands is a joke. I had fully intended getting my Shaman to 80 before Cata hit but at level 66 I thought why should I even bother, I don't want to play a video game that I'm not enjoying.

Wait...you created a Dwarf Shaman when Cata launched? And you enjoyed Cata quest design. BUT.....you stopped levelling in Outland at L66 because you couldn't be bothered to level him up into Northrend in time for Cata to launch?

As it is.....its possible, nowadays to get to L65 within HFP, and I've easily done L70 by Terrokar via Zangarmarsh . I've done that several times. Without dungeons. Without PvP.
And skipping some of the less enjoyable quests.

As it is...I quite like the Outland quest design. Its not perfect, but its a nice mix of vanilla and LK quest design and utterly lacks the railroaded monstrosity that is catas quest design. At the same time, there is a story being told and if it doesn't have phasing, it also doesn't have the requirement to level through an entire zones to unlock the one part of the story/NPC that you want.

It is a bit grindy, yes...esepcially Hemet. But you tend not to do it simply for the sake of doing it...but for the sake of a story.

As it is, you say you've done Zangarmarsh and HFP - were this to be 2008, I'd expect you around the L65 mark. Post Cata? I'd expect you to be approaching L70.

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90 Orc Hunter
So I've been in Outland 17 times on diffrent chars and i kind of love the 1-68/70 experience, Northrend however, is pure boredom, (mainly because i've been here 17 times aswell?) Northrend has Howling fjord, Grizzly hills and storm peaks that are acceptable for me. the others, avoid it like the plague, While Outland is outdated for obvious reasons (old content, not that interesting) It has the old form of questing that has been almost completely removed in Azeroth (non-linear questing/close to no phasing)

You are so much more free to do whatever you feel like in outlands. and i must say, every landscape except Hellfire is lovely in my eyes (and for my eyes, big flashy red stuff tends to make my eyes bleed)

tl;dr :Outland should stay the way it is in my eyes.
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100 Night Elf Druid
It's a minor inconvenience. For someone like me, I really don't care for revamps. I'll level a monk, but it's a lot of developer hours spent on a place, we won't be in for more than a few hours. I'd rather see more than 3 5-mans, it's horrible having to run them over and over.
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85 Tauren Warrior
I find Northrend a bigger drag when it comes to leveling. Outland went pretty fast. Smaller areas to fly around and more quests grouped up in the same area. Northrend is pretty much all over the place.
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70 Troll Priest
Personally I like Outland and Northrend because you can pretty much choose where to go and what parts to do; whereas the rezamped 1-60 Azeroth and 80-85 Cata zones you are lead everywhere and it becomes very mundane very quickly.

Call me a sucker for punishment but I preferred 1-60 pre-cata where you could gather up 25 quests (quest givers from different zones) and do them all together. Infact more often than not you had to delete quests from the log because it was full.

Can't remember the last time I had to do that size Cata came out.

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