TASTE-E Burgers, finally available in a city near you!

85 Goblin Hunter
Why not make some Chocolate Ice-Cream aswell? There's never enough chocolate, I say!
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We always sell that, stupid.
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85 Goblin Hunter
We do? Oh well! And don't call me names, it can really hurt people, ye know. sobs
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85 Undead Rogue
The name is brilliant!
I should visit you once :)
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Next Wednesday (13-07) , for one time only, Sweetbuns' will serving their delicious food at the new goblin resort in the mountains between Feralas and Silithus.

So bring your bathing suit (and your money) and get ready for a tropical good time.
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I've decided that because of the raid resets and what not on Wednesdays that perhaps it would be best if we moved restaurant night to another day.
Because I for one am starting to get sick of standing around and doing nothing.

So I'd like to move it to either Tuesdays or Thursdays.
What say you all?
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best poke the Dark League, cause they were thinking of making their tavern a regular thing (and first one was on Tuesday). For Skulls, both days are good, tho we have a very full calendar, and we alternate days for events and raiding, so it's often possible we'll be busy on a day a tavern/restaurant/training/... is also taking place
Edited by Zhinlan on 21/07/2011 13:31 BST
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A decision has been reached!
Sweetbuns' will be open on Tuesdays from now on!
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86 Undead Rogue
You bastards! :p
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Sweetbuns’ would like to invite you to their special, one time Brewfest event on the 27th of September. Starting from nine in the evening you will be able to enjoy such things as a wide variety of meats grilled on an old fashioned wood barbecue, the best imported dwarven ales and an all you can eat salad bar!
On this day we will also unveil our new cola drink! So come on down and have yourself an old fashioned, dang good time!
Edited by Bumi on 22/09/2011 23:22 BST
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ya mean new cola as in rum-cola, right?

ok... does it at least ave an umbrella?
no umbrella?!
*runs off crying*

Btw, need to poke you online, our guild anniversary is on the 4th of October,which is a Tuesday, so normally you guys open then. Might we drag you guys along for our anniversary thing instead?
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For this special occasion I even concocted a special cocktail with our new cola.
I can't tell you much about is just yet...but I'll give you one hint... *looks shifty to the right and left*
It glows.

And okay...we'll put in a little umbrella just for you. But only if you keep the thing about the cocktail to yourself.

OOC: That shouldn't be a problem. Come on down!
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Hallow's End is almost upon us!
So come one down to Sweetbuns' on the 25th of October dressed in a scary costume and get yourself a free drink!

(Offer only valid upon purchasing at least one item)
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Next to our delicious burgers, Sweetbuns’ will soon be the place where you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee. And not just any coffee, oh no!
Be amazed by our wide varieties of coffees from all over Azeroth! Each one more delicious then the last!
And our coffee is of course best enjoyed with a delicious slice of our cheesecake!

So come on down to Sweetbuns’ on Tuesday the thirteenth and try them for yourself!
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85 Blood Elf Hunter
Bumping for fun! It's a great place to go and RP. Each staff member has something different to offer in terms of personality and dialogue. They, the rest of Inconspicuous Inc, and the Nicklebot Emporium really are a pride to goblin RP.
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I'm afraid we're going to be closed on the 20th (and probably the 27th as well) because of the busy, busy holiday season.
But have no fear, after that we'll be back with a bang!

Edit: We'll definitely be back with a bang, because I've discovered that it's our first anniversary then! Yeah! :D
Edited by Bumi on 18/12/2011 22:08 GMT
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It's been exactly one year since we first started selling burgers on the street! That calls for a celebration! Come on down to Sweetbuns' this Thursday (5-01) and bring your party attitude and a big appetite! Because this special occasion calls for some very special food, and no we're not talking burgers this time. Want to know what I AM talking about, well you'll just have to show up and find out for yourself...
Edited by Bumi on 04/01/2012 19:04 GMT
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wouldn't that date be a Thursday? i hope it is, as im hoping to be able to join in with the celebrations :)
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It's indeed on Thursday, thanks for pointing that out.
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No problem..hope i can make it :)
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