PTR warlocks

85 Orc Warlock
Ok. I just did a dps test.

on the live server with the gear i got over there < I can do 16.5k dps easy on the dummy.

On the ptr with full epics (not necessarily BiS) but reforged to haste and gemmed for intellect, i do 10k dps.

Yes... ofc the ISF change was a buff. THANKS ALOT BLIZZ! AWESOME! I can now look forward to raids.. oh wait...
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85 Gnome Warlock
would be nice to get some compensation for the ISF removal, but as always blizzard says nothing but ýeah we love warlocks too much so we made them too strong´ .. I think of that every time im stuck in a 10 second RoF after getting novad there for half an hour.

.. or when they delayed my 2200 wep for another 3 weeks .?.
.. or when they turned the 2200 armor in a 3 y.o´s colouring result.
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85 Troll Hunter
Serves you right!
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85 Undead Warlock
I really find it hard to believe that the loss of ISF could cause such a massive dps loss they say there is a bug on the ptr that make dotsclip/spells fail to do damage here is a link:
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