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Hi Folks,

I formed the guild in the months leading up to Cataclysm and within 8 weeks I had two 10 man teams and 15 new kingslayers under my belt, pretty good I thought having been a member of another guild for over a year prior to that and failing to achieve what I had wanted.

Since the release of the new expansion, things have not gone quite so smoothly :( Firstly, there would appear to be a severe shortage of truely skilled players around anymore and, for reasons I fail to understand, there just seems to be less people in a position to actually offer something useful to a raid team ie, not being a pala/warrior/dk of which I have in abundance. WotLK syndrome, the get it fast with minimal effort attitude, also seems rife and this is all having a severe impact on our game. It has gotten to the point now where I am having to PuG 2 or 3 people to fill our team. I can't make a team with 8 mele classes a druid and a holy paladin, I can't progress much past the early bosses doing what I am doing and nobody wants to join without your guild being 10/12 or something equally ridiculous.

Do any of you have any helpful suggestions for me? I am offering trials to people with a view to recruiting them but this again makes for a non smooth raid evening adding to the burden my guildmembers already feel. My fear of them turning elsewhere is growing, what should I do?

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Hiya mate, we were in exactly the same place a month or so ago. The best thing I suggest is to advertise maybe LF 1 more to fill a hc dungeon spot and if they turn out being a decent player try poach.... As naughty as that is. It's the best way to get a picture of the player without having to throw them into a raid. Bear in mind though getting KS a few weeks before cata isn't that much of an achievement and WOTLK made average players look very good, just something to keep in mind. Best of look with the guild mate and hope you find a few more players to bolster!

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85 Worgen Druid
Can i just say that ive found it very very very hard to find players of the standard we are looking for. Possibly because people are afraid of losing their rep with there current guild and so on.

The thing is in our roster we have 3 players from terokkar that we recruited. So we are finding it hard.

I wish you Good Luck in your recruitment :P

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85 Dwarf Paladin
Thanks for the above comments guys, recruiting on this server is indeed a nightmare and where I do realise it has never been erm... high up in rankings and what not, surely after this expansion things have gotten even worse. Anyhow, my persistant spam in trade has yielded some results and I might even manage 10 guildies to raid with from now on. Now all I need to do is.....

Discuss ;p
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