Possibly moving over


I was wondering if you could tell me a few things about this server PvP wise (Alliance)

1. How easy this battlegroup is arena wise?

2. The cutoff for titles is pretty low in every bracket, do you expect it going higher than in S8?

3. How are ques for 5v5?

4. How easily are 2,3k+ partners found on the realm?

5. Are there any serious PvP guilds?

Ill add more when I find some other questions, thanks in forward
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85 Gnome Warlock
Hard to tell arena difficulty... the top isnt as high as on other BG's but due to the low amount of players, if you meet a counter and lose.. expect to meet them again and probably have a hard time again. On a bad day you might fight the same ppl 6+ times. Title cutoff has always been low, doubt it'll get any higher. 5v5 queue is mostly weekends-only or waiting for hours till some teams decide to get in. I think there's only a handfull of 2.3 players, so.. doubt you'll find any easily as they probably have an active team already. As for PvP guilds, there are some, but they aren't good.. the rest are just PvP-ers in PvE guilds as far as I know. (For alliance anyway)
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85 Human Hunter
pretty much said by mogran, afew 2.3+ here 5s only active around weekends or long qeues on the week days, as for titels always been the same %s here since were a small bggrp
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85 Blood Elf Death Knight
Atm there are only 5 players above 2300, 1 2v2 team on Horde side and 1 3v3 team on the alliance. And when it comes to 5v5, queues most of the time take ages :( Really wish they were shorter.

Edit: Woops, didn't see you meant alliance only :O
Edited by Porúng on 13/03/2011 21:55 GMT
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a hardcore pve server then
thanks for info, ill skip moving :p
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