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85 Gnome Priest
Do the developers have any plans in regards to overhauling the Combat Log so that players can easier examine the results after a battle?
85 Gnome Priest
The Remote Auction house is really handy and very effective to use. However, the in-game Auction House seems to lacking when it comes to the ease of posting new auctions or searching for something.
Are you happy with the interface for the in-game Auction House, or is it something you would like to improve - if so, how?
85 Blood Elf Paladin
Are there any plans to implement further things into the standard UI that we currently rely on addons to provide?

More specifically I mean things like Recount and Omen.
100 Human Paladin
Will there be an option for live hotkey binding? I mean in a way, go in keybind mode, hover over said button and hit your keybind. Making it tons easier to keybind stuff.
100 Gnome Mage
As a tank my greatest difficulty is targetting in multiple pulls. Tabbing often isn't quick enough and clicking can be unreliable / impossible if spell effects get in the way (such as arcane explosion causing me to target the caster instead of the mob). Is there a UI solution to assisting targetting in group pulls?
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86 Worgen Death Knight
Will there ever be an Appearence tap so we can look like we in our RP gear yet wear our normal geear stats, i been told other games have them.
Question: Are there plans, to make the own character frame and your target frame movable and add some little configuration possibilities to it?

Details: I know you guys want to keep the Interface simple, but since people use bigger and bigger screens, having your own character window in the very upper left corner of a 24" screen with 1900:1200 or even bigger screens and resolutions can get really annoying, because it gets more and more difficult to grasp a quick glimps at your own and your targets HP, Mana, etc.

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100 Tauren Hunter
Vehicle mount - Sand Stone Drake.

Is it going to have its own icon in the UI like the other passenger mounts?
I'm using a macro to kick people off my mount atm, the other option is dismounting.
1 Gnome Priest
Currently the default UI is pretty much unusable as-is for serious players and hundreds of addons are necessary.

How about looking around for the most popular addons and incorporating their functions in the standard UI, preferably in a better way?

For example, raiding requires a damage meter (Recount), a threat meter (Omen), a customizable raid frame (Grid/Pitbull), a customizable aura display (PowerAuras), some way to have unlimited long macros (Clique, BindPad), a buff/debuff frame and a boss mod, none of which the standard UI provides in an acceptable fashion.

Even mundane tasks are very hard without a proper inventory management addon (ArkInventory, Bagnon), a proper auctioneering tool (Auctionation), a proper minimap tool, a decent mail interface addon, a waypoint arrow (TomTom), etc.
Q: Any plans to add an option to show the number of seconds on a CD remaining in the abilities icon?

85 Draenei Shaman
Are there any plans to "adopt" the functionality of the add-on "Cliq" into the default Blizzard UI?
Question: Will the Blizzard raid UI get a little bit more configuration options to adjust the size, groups, etc a bit better?

Detail: I'm successfully using the Blizzard raid UI for 10man HMs, but I guess in a 25man setting it will be quite difficult to not plaster your screen with it.

90 Undead Hunter
Are there any plans to make a tool that lets you display an piece of equipment without actually wearing it, in such a way that it goes "over" the existing gear. It does not award stats when equipped in the cosmetics slot. Personally i would love to wear a top hat instead of the bowl i currently have.
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