Decent and honorable behaviour Of I Templari

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Today i used the dungeonfinder for a random za group. I like playing with different people from all over europe. That makes this game such fun. I play wow for over 4 years now and think its a real addition to the game. Lately and today especcially i encountered a group with a member of Itemplari. He joined as a healer and on the first boss he needed on a tanking ring. Even when he was told not to, and logged off right after. THis happens almost every pug...i know...but today it annoyed the hell out of me. In the 4 years that im playing wow..this is happening more often. The point is i play this game for fun ofcourse...and its only 1 item...but the attitude why plp do such a thing and spoil the fun for others mainly out of selfishness annoyed the hell out of me.
So i made a caracter on this server to talk to the guildofficers about that persons actions, since in my guild, plp would be talked to when they do stuff like that. 3 officers and the guildleader ignored me, or told me its not forbidden so why should they care.
Well i care...i care about decency...i care about honor. Great guilds hold those values high and have at least the decency to sort this politely.....They didnt care.....and worse they said no one does on this server.....I seriously doubt that...thats why im posting this since i hope that there are still decent people even on italian servers that do care... Those i like to group with in any crossrealm dungeons...the plp that dont not join any of my groups again...
I Templari...meaning Templar i would expect some code of conduct....obviously you need a namechange if thats your code of conduct. And i dont mean the ninjaing by itself, but mostly the rude and unpleasantly way this guildleading non response to this and not being able to just listen to what i got to say and sort this in a polite manner.

Peace out...
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You got unlucky.
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Im sorry for you Chilz.
You were just unlucky to find this very bad person.
We have good people and bad people on our server, like every server does.

I give you a tip: put him on ignore next time, so you will be sure to not queue with him again ;) and put every member of <I Templari> on your ignore list everytime you find one of them so you wont play with these %*#*ty ninjalooters again.

These bad people should play alone or delete account.

LOL, nobody can hack your account just by whispering you, as long as you dont go on some website and fill with your user/password. Wake up man.
He is right blaming your guild, because this is not a good behaviour and you should listen to him in a polite manner and say something to your guildmate.
If you dont say anything and think "this happens everywhere" you are a %*#* like your guildmate and you deserve to play alone because you can't play with other people.
If you are a pvp guild, why you queue into heroic dungeon and ninjaloot pve item?
You fail at failing.
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Just to add something here before things get misudnerstood. Im not wining about 1 item that i missed out on. Its the guildleading attitude that amazed me most of all. I asked 3 offcicers and the guildleader to have a decent conversation about it.
Runex didnt respond at all and put me on ignore after 2 polite whispers, Luxor didnt respond at all, waven or whatever his name is was to busy in bg and didnt want to spend time on it even when he was out of bg. And finally a rank 5 morkam responded and refused to group me with any officer even when i explained what i wanted to talk about.
With responsibility comes duty, and if you cant handle the duty...dont take the responsibility imo. This is where i was most chocked about, not about some &^% kid that dont know how to behave honorable...its the guildleading that sets the example. Every action of a guildmember reflects on the guild as a whole...if you allow that...then the whole guild is discredited.
But that obviously not an issue in Itemplari.
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its the guildleading that sets the example. Every action of a guildmember reflects on the guild as a whole...if you allow that...then the whole guild is discredited.

end of story.
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We were in rated bg, we was organizing and making efforts to win.
I've asked to you what happened because I was "defending" an unattacked base.

You and every officer i appoached where standing either in ogrimmar or in durotar.
But im not debating any more since you seem to mis the point.

If you take responsibility seriously then you make time on an issue you find important...obviously neither one felt it was important enough....wich states my point i started with.
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its simple: a guildmember has bad behaviour and someone first ask you to listen to him and then he explain what did happen.

if you are an officer with a brain you make some excuse with him and then you give a "warning" to that guild member.

Ignoring him or just saying "that happen in all server" it's not the right thing to do.

So everybody will blame your guild and avoid playing with your member in the future.

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world"
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I'm sorry for that episode, that kind of things happends every day in wow, and not only on our guild or our server. I see too many times people blame hakkar for bad behaviour when there are other server too that do the same. In our guild normally we warning members to have a good beahviour but we have many people and sometimes is hard to control everyone, when we found someone that not act correctly normally we kick if yous till here can tell us the name of the player if you remember? Hope that it would be a clearing post ( sorry for my bad english)

Cya around
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Every action of an Hakkari reflects on Hakkar as a whole...if you allow that...then the whole server is discredited.
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These guys are claiming to be a "pvp" guild? looool. Noone has reached 1.5K rating in arena's or rbg's. You guys are just a farming guild. nothing more, nothing less.

800 or more members? 741 isn't 800+

Getting hacked by a whisper? ....

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It hurts alot when someone ninja a loot you need for your main spec.
But i want to blame Blizzard for it.
Many times i've reported these actions and the only reply i've received has been: "that player had all the rights to need it".
These bad behaves will always be in game unless Blizzard changes the loot system basing it on the role in that istance.
Btw being polite and respectful is a must, otherwise the whole server community is discredited.
In our guild rules, one of the most important is the respect to other players (guildmate, server and pug).
Hope it won't happen again
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