Recruiting: <N W A> level 70 top ratings guild.

70 Human Rogue
This thread is basically about the bracket of 70.
I don't care for comments about unbalance, this is simply a no hatred recruitment post.

So in the guild we have the high end rated 70's not from the battle group but from all battle groups across EU, minus the wintraders of course.

The guild master Eazzyy was keeping the guild under a low population, but under consideration and discussion we would like to;if people wish to, make it into a wider populated 70 guild.
Exceptions aren't accepted if you don't meet the requirements we don't take a second look.

Basing this on other guild members, the average ratings between us is 2500+ in 2v2 and 2500+ in 3v3.
Personally I have been 2533 in 2v2 and 2502 in 3v3 but moving on here is the events we wish to form/do with the guild members to choose to transfer.

The guild is PvP based if anything. We do NOT do only 70 raids, been there done that.
Don't get me wrong, raids can be pugged/shall be each week if needed but apart from that, participation isn't forced.

With the merging of battle groups via arena, 3v3 has became very active with short ques. Therefore we hope to lift off some 5v5 perhaps. I'm aware some 70's among other realms, not mentioning names, wintraded to 2,2k in 5's already.
The aim is to not wintrade and to bring the bracket active, even if its made from premades through whispers it will still be nice to get it started.
I have real ID's of other top guilds of different servers in the 70 community, so making the events shouldn't be a problem.

As for in-game activity, the server is Alliance on Outland (Missery).
If you like being active on your 70 toon then we wish to host some Gurubashi events etc if the other guild members want.
As for arena its strongly encouraged as you can level the guild and rep through wins.

So here is the requirements, as I said we aren't a bragging guild, we just have general fun with arena and PvP.

1. 2350 in 2v2.
2. 2200 in 3v3.

We don't care if you haven't got 2 professions, don't even care if you haven't even got 1.
We just require you to match the above requirements.
BiS gems/enchants also isn't the worry here, you may not have the gold but if you have achieved the above ratings then your more than welcome here.

We aren't forcing anyone to migrate/faction change, but we both agree that the guild would be alot more fun with the highest rated players at 70.

As for rated BG's, until for a while we don't plan on doing them although I have done.
But we do random BG premade's each day.

That's it.
Anyhow its appreciated that noone flames this post about the unbalance of 70 etc.
I just wish to get this message out there.
I'm aware insecure players will troll the post, maybe not even with their real characters, as for that /applaud.

Whisper me, Wtfisblind or Eazzyy in game for info/invite.
Thanks :).
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