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85 Worgen Mage

Basically every time I try to login and conduct a Faction Change it states that I have used up 'too many attempts 503' which isn't true because it happened the first time I tried to log in to do the faction change and I have logged into successfully beforehand :)

Any ideas?
80 Tauren Death Knight
same problem here ... Too many attempts. (503) on the first login for Faction change

EDIT : I guess it could be related to some of the services being unavailable ... would have been nice to see exactly which services would be unavailable during the maintenance
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90 Goblin Hunter
same problem here....but with adding a game time

I just put my chrome to incognito and it works so try it
wtf m2 when attempting char trans.. wtb blue post :D.
90 Human Warlock
same problem here....but with adding a game time

I just put my chrome to incognito and it works so try it

Considering that I say to clear your browser from cookies and caches.Seems that your browser tries to use the "maintenance time" attempts.
Check it.
I just put my chrome to incognito and it works so try it

Thats the solution guys, it worked for me
80 Tauren Death Knight
same problem here....but with adding a game time

I just put my chrome to incognito and it works so try it

Awesome , thanks !
Customer Service
Greetings, folks.

Quite a few players have reported the same problem and it appears that it may be an issue at our end. I'm afraid I don't have an ETA as to when it should be solved, but please rest assured that it's being looked into.

We'll post an update here in the forums when we have more news. :)

Sorry for any inconvenience caused, and my thanks for your patience.
85 Tauren Paladin
The firefox "Private Browsing" works as well.
Customer Service
This should now be resolved. Let us know if you have any further problems. :)
80 Undead Rogue

I am currently also getting the same message when i try to access my battle-net account ...Too many attempts. (503)
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66 Orc Death Knight
i also get the same Too many attempts (503). But my wifes account worked fine no problems at all. Also trying to pay my subscription when i get the message. And im on teh same pc taht i payed the other account. i was to pay this account for playing time and then i got the message. Also emptied cookies. But didnt help.
Customer Service
Please try clearing your cache/cookies or using a different browser, if you are still having the same problem, please let us know. :)
66 Orc Death Knight
Yes i did remove all cookies/cache. And now its the same with my wifes account. When trying to pay for gametime, look at payment history, same thing it redirects to the old loginsite, The one before the merge with battlenet. and when you ise it you get a white page with text about the authenticator, and then there is red text programming language. I need to get the game payed today if possible. Have raid tonight :). Will try on explorer, im using firefox as my net browser.
90 Blood Elf Death Knight
Same was with explorer, and i dont use that at all. So no cookies/cache, still same problem.
Also got the same thing on this account.
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Customer Service
I am sorry to see that you are still having difficulties, please try changing your password and let us know if that helps. :)
90 Blood Elf Death Knight
Well i change the apssword on both accounts and and got to pay for gametime. No more stupid login error. Might it be an attempt of hijacking our accounts or something similar.
Customer Service
Could have been a cache issue or just simply that many players were all trying to log in at the same time. :)

Good to see it's sorted now though. ^^
68 Goblin Rogue
Edit: Solved.
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