Scream Aim Fire Recruitment Thread. PvE and PvP.


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Welcome to the SaF recruitment thread!

Bit of info about us!
We are a pretty old guild; been around a couple of years now I'm sure a lot of you have seen us or heard of us! We're a friendly bunch of people enjoying everything WoW has to offer, be it 10man PvE downing bosses and getting the job done, or PvP battlegrounds cracking skulls both Alliance and Corrupt horde in Rated Battlegrounds and general battlegrounds or world PvP. We even do some of the old dusty content for a laugh every now and then. We've got a nice atmosphere in the guild in chat and on vent, we all have a mature aspect but at the same time we can take a joke and have a laugh at most things.

We also take the community outside the World of Azeroth organising weekly game nights across a variety of games such as TF2, Starcraft and for those who can't get enough of explosions, minecraft.

So if you want a laid back bunch of friendly guys and girls head across to our recuitment page and put in an application!

Currently we are:
2/2 Throne of the Four Winds.
4/4 Bastion of Twilight.
6/6 Blackwing Descent.

Heroic Mode:
1/5 Bastion of Twilight.
2/7 Firelands.

So far we're recruiting these classes for our raiding team:
Healers - Holy Paladins!
- Discipline Priests!
- Restoration Shaman.

DPS - All types of Rogue!
- Retribution Paladins!
- All types of Hunters!
- Shadow Priests!
- Elemental Shaman!
- All types of warlocks!
- Balance druids!

Exception apps are very welcome and will always be considered.

Our raid times are from 20:00 Server Time till 24:00 Server Time and the day differs from Saturday all the way to Wednesday, we require you to bring your raiding mind; be prepared for wipes and bring your buff food; potions and flasks. You are expected to keep your raid attendance high, there are no exceptions for missing raids unless you have given a valid reason before the raid. You don't have to be kitted out in the best gear but we expect you to have good gear and give it your all during fights.

Currently we've only just ventured into the realm of Rated Battlegrounds and are still rusty to say the least with how it all goes, the RBGs are on at the same time as Raids which are 20:00 till 24:00 or until we've had enough/somebody rage quits from Over powered Arcane mages *cough* What? All we require is you bring your thinking mind, leave your zerging bloodlust at the door and be ready to follow what the leader says.

We're recruiting more classes for our PvP team; here is what we would like:
Healers - Holy Paladins
- Restoration Druids

Dps - Death knights: Frost or Unholy.
- Paladins prot and ret.
- Warlocks of every variety!
- Shaman of either spec!

Again all exceptional apps are very welcome and will be considered!

Please feel free to apply at

If you have any questions regarding Scream Aim Fire in general or specific questions on either side of SaF please don't hesitate to contact myself in game via whispers or in-game mail; or ask a member of SaF to direct you to any of our Elders and Officers!

In the mean time take care everyone and have fun! Hope to see you soon!

PS: We still own the trams, we're just renting it to you Alliance scum while we're on holiday in sunny sunny Durotar!
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Bump for some awesome people, Miss you guys :'(
85 Blood Elf Mage
30/05/2011 02:06Posted by Finiarél
Bump for some awesome people, Miss you guys :'(

Cheers Fin, hope you lot are enjoying life on the blue side :p
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Shame you all left, could use you guys now everything's back up and running. ):
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Bump for Nef down & normal modes completed.

Onward to Heroics with hopefully some apps from Healers & Rdps.
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nice one lads , hope u do good in upcoming endeavours
90 Troll Shaman
Bump for more PvPers! <3
85 Undead Rogue
Top of the forums woooo!!

Well nearly .. stickies!! D:
90 Night Elf Hunter
bump for bump's sake
90 Blood Elf Priest
A friendly tackle-sort-of-bump, whatever that is!
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Bump for amazing come backs in RBGs; beating turtling Germans with 5 healers and 'Don't get cocky kid' in Battle for Gilneas.

*stops bragging* Ok so bump for more healers and dps for our RBG team; some more priests would be great; disco mainly and some paladins; healers and dps!

Rogues and healers for our raid group too please!! First HC down aswell so 1/14 HC wooo!! :D
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GZ bump
85 Blood Elf Mage
Unofficial new guild anthem after i42.

Ironically it's about as far from BFMV as you can get. Which suits us fine.

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Scream Aim what? Never heard of.

Bump anyway.
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Flump! Nom. :3
Im really intrested in the PvP side of your guild but i have one question. I cant stick to any times you guys will probley do RBGs ( Due to being a father and my child WILL always come before my game ) but i really want to find a guild that does RBGs often, So will i still be able to join your ranks and PvP with you lot?

I Also have a 85 Arms warrior i can bring to the guild and a lvl 71 Proc/Holy Paladin (willing to level if needed like :P) which i pvp with.

26/05/2011 15:44Posted by Nøva
All we require is you bring your thinking mind, leave your zerging bloodlust at the door and be ready to follow what the leader says.

I like this ^^
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Hello Merc, I would be more than happy to review an application if you could submit one on our forums. We're always on the look out for more PvPers to join us in bloodshed; and you would be more than welcome to join us for both sides of PvP if you are accepted, if you would like a chat in game I'm normally about so please ask a SaF member to point me out as I usually hidden away on my alts. ;)

Regards Nuvar.
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