Getting honor points/justice points

Okay, so I got an heirloom for my lower level alt (plate shoulders), & I'd like to now get him some other heirloom, I'm not sure what yet. Possibly a weapon. But, unfortunately, I don't have enough justice points to do this.

Now, the only way I found to get justice points so far is by using the random dungeon finder, and getting JP from that.

I still didn't have enough JP for the shoulders though, so I converted what little honor I had (I never PVP really) into JP, and that got me enough.

Now, onto my question.

How can I get justice points easily + fast without the random dungeon finder? (since that's run out of uses until next week)

& what's the best BG to get honor from so that I can convert that into JP if I find the JP method too slow?

Thanks for any help I get.
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85 Human Paladin
I believe you can only get JP from doing dungeons. and all the BG's are good to get honor, it all depends on how many kills etc u get and whether u win etc
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85 Blood Elf Rogue
Justice Points:
Do Dungeons or Heroics. Either gives you a Justice Reward 7 times a week if you use the Dungeon Finder, but also all bosses in the Dungeon gives you a small amount. You can also do Battleground and change 375 Honor for 250 Justice at the Honor Vendor in Stormwind/Orgrimmar (This can actually be a faster way if the Dungeon queues are really long)

Honor Points
The easiest way to get Honor Points are to do Random Dungeons or the current Call to Arms Battleground, as you always get a small amount of Honor whether you win or lose. You also get 1 Honor for every Honorable Kill you gain in a Battleground or in World PvP. You can also change Justice to Honor from the Justice Vendor in Stormwind/Orgrimmar (Not faster than farming Battlegrounds, unless the queues are longer than Dungeon queues)
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85 Night Elf Druid
Justice points only come from dungeons I'm afraid. It's the only way to get them.

BGs are roughly equal in honor, but your best bet is to queue random, as this will give you an bonus of honor (and it's pretty big if you win), but you will struggle in PvP if you aren't getting any PvP gear.

However, you can just buy honor heirlooms, so you could use these, rather than converting and making a loss.
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87 Orc Death Knight
I got full heirloom for my alt in 1 day.
Just do BG and exchange your honor for JP.
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90 Draenei Paladin
The Dungeon Finder never runs out of Justice Points. Your capped at the amount of Valor Points you can get, 7 completed dungeons per week. You can still run dungeons in the Dungeon Finder to earn more Justice Points.
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84 Night Elf Druid
05/06/2011 12:25Posted by Wheighty
The Dungeon Finder never runs out of Justice Points. Your capped at the amount of Valor Points you can get, 7 completed dungeons per week. You can still run dungeons in the Dungeon Finder to earn more Justice Points.

People have been giving really, really mixed views on this.

If I'm 85, and I am going for JP in dungeons, then how many times can I keep running dungeons to get more JP? People say it's 7 times even when you're max (atm I'm 75 and you get JP for the first 7 dungeons weekly). Wowhead also says WEEKLY so I'm not sure what to believe.
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90 Troll Priest
It's 7/week for normals, no limit for JP from heroics.
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85 Dwarf Death Knight
You get 30 jp/boss in normal dungeons as well.
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88 Orc Death Knight
Ok basically.

Normal cataclysm dungeons give a justice points reward of I believe 70 justice points, 7 times a week, and after those are done you receive gold and xp. in the level 84-85 dungeons such as grim batol, you also receive 30 justice points per boss killed, doing a normal dungen, lets say Halls of Origination you would receive the 70 justice points reward from random dungeon finder and 30 justice points for each of the 7 bosses.

Heroics on the other hand, you receive 70 valor points 7 times a week for using the random dungeon finder, and 70 justice points for each time after you weekly amount of Valor dungeons has run out.
The 70 you receive then does not lower.
In every heroic cataclysm dungeon, be it, Grim Batol, The Stonecore, Blackrock Caverns, you receive 70 justice points for each boss killed, again lets say you did halls of origination you would receive either 70 Valor points or 70 justice points for completion using the random dungeon finder, and 70 justice points for each of the 7 bosses in the instance.

Heroic Zandalari, for these you receive 140 valor points 4 times a week and 70 Justice points per boss.

Hope that helped, even if it was only a small amount =)
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You can also do raids, get Valor Points and downgrade them. Sure, it is a very bad idea, considering the VPs are way better than the JP, but if you really, really feel like getting that extra heirloom for your alt right away, it might be a way.

Oh, and the dungeon finder does not run out of uses - after seven times a week, you can still use it, but you will not get the usual VP reward. You will still get JPs from the bosses, though!

Good luck!
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