[Summer] The Sha'tar's idea mill!

This is the thread to post in if you've got any idea at all regarding the RP of this fair realm.

These ideas can be anything.

    The premise of an event.
    A possible realm-wide storyline.
    A guild concept.
    Suggestions about what locations could be used for good RP.
    A particular way of how our characters could interact with the world.

Anything. Be as detailed or as loose as you like. Let's use this thread a chalkboard of dreams!

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85 Gnome Mage
I always thought it would be a good idea to use the Speedbarge in the Thousand Needles as a good place for an event, something perhaps involving the riverboats. I here they'll be bringing out riverboat racing soon, but some sort of group exploration or guided tour of the area by boat would be nice.
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There's this (rather basic and somewhat ridiculous) concept I've had for a while: a charismatic fellow arrives at Stormwind and claims to be a son of the much beloved Anduin Lothar. He's about the right age and even looks similar.

How will the people react? Will they crown him the King of Arathor? If yes, what will he desire to do? Where will he lead the people? And above all, is he the real son of Lothar or just a clever imposter? (forgone conclusion here, but hey!)
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I usually conjure up a fair amount of RP event ideas when pressed, but I rarely get the chance to let myself share these ideas. Ergo, this thread is my new best friend on the forums.

Here's a few ideas:

  • An elven send-off for Casendic and all others who died during the Siege of Tranquillien, followed by a celebratory feast at the Filthy Animal or something like that, as a sort of elven thanks to the Horde for coming to their aid. I personally think it would be a fine conclusion to the conflict! The Warsong Defensive ended at the Filthy Animal, and that was certainly fun!

  • A Stromgarde remnant guild of some sort counteracting against the Forsaken as a result of what happened to Galen. Yes please!

  • Some sort of internal conflict within Orgrimmar due to all the Twilight infiltrators there. Assassins roaming the streets, perhaps? Corrupt 'officials' etc. Maybe there's a kidnapping that may cause some pretty nasty diplomatic repercussions unless tended to? Perhaps a Dragonmaw ambassador, or a Taunka one?

  • There's also an ongoing story arc within CoE regarding the acquiring of manabomb schematics, and the utilization of them in potentially morally questionable ways. It's one of the reasons why Sateal has distanced himself from them somewhat, so this is a narrative I would really like putting into an event at some point. Putting the Horde on edge and what-not.
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90 Goblin Priest
I sort of feel like Uldum has potential for either a bazaar-like event, some exploration, treasure hunting, or in the case of the ever-creative goblins, building a holiday resort. But that's probably just me, as I adore the Ram'kahen settlements and style more than strictly necessary and/or healthy.
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15/06/2011 21:28Posted by Mils
I sort of feel like Uldum has potential for either a bazaar-like event, some exploration, treasure hunting, or in the case of the ever-creative goblins, building a holiday resort. But that's probably just me, as I adore the Ram'kahen settlements and style more than strictly necessary and/or healthy.
This got buried near the bottom of Grem's sprawling post, but -

there will also be a Heroes’ Society-esque RP community set in Uldum, which offers weekly RP missions along the lines of “D&D but without the dice-rolls”. These events will be heavily advertised and will come with threads that more detailed than before, with FAQ sections.

The Desert Tigers (the name for the Uldum-based project) will operate on two RP channels, one IC and one OOC. If the idea clicks with me, then this could be a long-term thing – the storyline and related events could survive long past the end of summer. Considering the impact the Heroes’ Society had on the realm back in its heyday, the DTs could be the biggest thing to emerge from this project.
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52 Worgen Mage

I know it's not much, it's early and I'm hungry and... Anyway. I've been bothered a long time by the fact that Blizz gave us a "speaker's corner" in Stormwind, and nobody's using it for anything. I might remedy the matter sometime. Or I might just suggest that the Senate move there.
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85 Worgen Warrior
I'd love the idea of (given the Gilneans Victorian England type motif) a gentlemen ( and ladies) club, like the old clubs in Victorian london, of cross Guild and cross Race ladies and gents who socialise in a venue and then hatch bizarre plans or wagers "Around Azeroth in 80 days DeWilde, it can't be done I tell you" "Why sir, I have here one hundred golden coins says it can be done Ponsonby, and I lack not the courage to let this money speak for me" "Damn it DeWilde, you're on, a hundred says it ain't possible" You know the kind of thing...I mean, yeah, if you time it right OOC we can get round Azeroth in eight minutes by judicious use of Mages but dammit, for the spirit of the thing, it must be on foot or by boat. Obviously such a thing would rely on people RP'ing any such wagers and challenges, and their success or failure but you get the idea.

I'm also hatching a mini event involving the poor Gilnean ghosties on the Shattered Shore in Blasted Lands, just an evening one, possibly two. Tried searching on interweb but my skills aren't the best, can anyone remind me who sunk the Gilnean ships, Naga would be the obvious reason, but I seem to recall when I did the questline that it may have been a case of Friendly Fire from Nethergarde thinking they were Horde ships? is that right, or was I tripping somewhat?
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85 Draenei Hunter
I've already mentioned this on the RPSplurge thread thingy, but I thought it was worth mentioning here.

Since at least six months have past, more time with every second, since the release of Cata, we can probably say that most quest lines in zones will have been completed by now on a realm wide basis. That is to say, for example, the Forsaken have taken Andorhal, Stonetalon has been bombed, the Gilnean Liberation front have been disbanded but the Alliance still hold Gilneas etc.

If this is the consensus, then we can start role playing what happens after things like this. We can see Alliance forces pulling back out of the Plaguelands, the Forsaken strengthening their hold on Hillsbrad, perhaps an investigation into why the Frostwolves didn't aid the Forsaken, the Alliance trying to rebuild their forces in Stonetalon after the bombing and much more.

Otherwise we may end up role playing awkwardly around these events until the next expansion. For those that aren't sure what happened in each zone I might post up a summary of events of each zone, from an Alliance perspective, just to help out. You know, if you've done a zone on Horde side and thought to yourself "Well wonder what the Alliance quests here are like..." but not really had the will power to level an Alliance alt to find out, with the little guide I put up you could cross referance and say "Oh! Well now that I've seen that we could throw an event about that". Just an idea!
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Yeah, I think once 4.2 comes out we can say that all the phased stuff in the 1-60 zones has been completed.

I can't see any problems with this. Can anyone else?
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16/06/2011 13:18Posted by Gremkarc
I can't see any problems with this. Can anyone else?

*Raises hand*

I'll have to level faster :(
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85 Blood Elf Rogue
Alot faster! You level at the pace of a slug.

I also agree with the phasing, not only due to the time that has past but it also allows guilds to have events together much easier in a wider variety of zones. Moar cross-guild events pl0x!
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16/06/2011 15:33Posted by Thorodias
Alot faster! You level at the pace of a slug.

I hear that Alot...

w/e i dont have time for this! im trying to leave a comment on youtube!
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90 Night Elf Rogue
I definetely think Dalaran needs more roleplay, the whole place has huge potential for some very good roleplay, I mean, the Alliance side has a damn beer garden! (Which isn't used at all) And Shattrath, there's a band playing everynight at around 18:00 realm time, check it out, I highly reccomend it, you've also got Perry Garter (Sorry if I mis-spelt the name), the comedian doing shows both the band (The Tauren Chieftans) and Perry Garter are at the World's End Tavern in Shattrath. Perhpas we ought to celevrate Midsummer properly with parties in Dalaran, or have a comedy night which starts off with the NPC comedian and others come up to add their bit.

Ahem, I totally put this in the right thread first time around... *whistle innocently*
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85 Draenei Hunter
I think the Taverns of Dalaran are nice... but the rest of its a bit meh. Its really a large shopping centre with a Citadel.
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84 Human Warlock
I am working on something right now, and I don't know if anyone has tried this before;

Imagine a guild that is involved in the archaeological study of ancient documents, tombs, and stone tablets..in essence the works of azeroths ancestors that have been recovered as archaeological finds. This would involve getting together players who would roleplay as experts in their fields..historians..philosophers..wizards..archaeologists and scientists etc.
The roleplay would be centred around the artefacts, which would contain all sorts of interesting stuff, which in turn would develop the roleplay. Stories from the past, archaeological puzzles, and field trips would all feature.
Now, here is the big difference..the artefacts would not be just invisible props..lets pretend we have one, and pretend it has content.
Instead, roleplayers will be able to look at real pictures of these artefacts, and decipher what is written on them..pictures of artefacts that look like artefacts.
Part of the fun would be in studying the artefacts..and the other part of the fun would be in coming together as a group, and roleplaying it.

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Sat, I've mean mulling over a similar idea but in the goblins city. chuck people together in groups of 3-4 and task them with roaming down through the streets to clear out bad guys who are attempting to sabotage the hordes supply train to the twilight highlands. each group being somewhat self contained in what happens on their own journey with the common goal of clearing out the city.
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85 Night Elf Priest

If you go ahead with your idea, please let me know. It might well be what I've been looking for as long as I've had Valeander.
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85 Blood Elf Death Knight
I always wanted to do something in Uldum, Twilight Highlands or Mount Hyjal-
It's all nice places. Could have bazaar in Uldum (you mentioned that, Mils). A Wildhammer Hunting Party in TH. And last, but not least: Mount Hyjal, what can we do with you?
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The main problem with using those zones is the copious amount of phasing, and the prerequisite "must be level 85 and completed all quests/not completed any quests" can be quite exclusive considering the type of person the roleplayer demographic encompasses.
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