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My friend finally got his account back :), i'd like you to thank you for suggesting I should tell him to do that. Thanks a lot from myself also, you lot at blizzard are awesome :P.
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/drink coffee
/post some more
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I have had my doubts about this game ever since I started playing, which I only did to help my son. People are extremely rude and selfish most of the time.

Now however I have logged in and all the money I had has gone and a rubbish character created on a realm I have never used. All the characters have been moved, presumably near to a transfer point. Now, unlike some, I have never gold farmed... the most I ever had on any character was 1400 gold, but all my characters were self sufficient and I never had to transfer money from higher levels. To be set back like this makes playing totally pointless.

I have been playing mmo's for 5 or 6 years and never been hacked in any other game, so it has to be the site's security. I have changed the password but there is little point playing with no cash and if the site's security can be broken so easily.

So I think I'm done with the game.........
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Oh well, that sort of says it all...... having changed my password and raised a GM ticket I find that it has been answered by blaming me. Also neither my new nor old passwords work to let me in, I only know what it says by the email that was also sent.

I repeat, mostly for those either deaf, dumb or too ignorant to read my post....... I have played mmo's for 5 or 6 years..... I have never ever been hacked in all that time........ I check my system regularly....... I never visit suggested sites....... I always report any in-game whispers relating to so-called security issues........ this problem isn't my fault or of anything on my PC.

I should have suspected this as I have had discussions with GM's and support on most mmo's. In all cases previously they related to playability issues but the premise holds. As far as any support is concerned it isn't their fault and they have no problems....... which is a load of rubbish when so many have security issues as in this game.

So, I can't log in, no restitution is being made and I have wasted my money on a game card only part used.

I'm told my password has been reset but have no notification other than that for the password reset which I did myself and told them about. Their reply says that the account is blocked because I made the change myself and that was the account access that caused the problem. They are completely ignoring the fact that I told them the access was between 2am and 11am GMT this morning. Perhaps the people concerned should learn to read english?

Why bother?
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As an update.......

I can finally get into the account and Blizzard have sent the money back. I have to assume it's correct because there is no way I can remember exactly what was on all 31 characters. They have also sent back some very odd items, little of real significance, which is rather strange as anyone hacking my account would have hardly have bothered with them. No explanation's apart from blaming me of course, and no reason why a character with a dustbin name would have been created on "The Maelstrom" realm, which I have never created a character on.

As for it being my fault....... I have checked back over my last 4 system scans (always a full scan and the last of which was done yesterday) and there are no discovered issues apart from some with Windows Update. I am not surprised with these as Microsoft's programming has always been dodgy.

My guess would be that it's a gold seller hack and that they dig pretty far into the servers for their hack details. It's the only explanation I can think of for taking odd amounts of cash (never all of it) and for creating a rubbish named character. My opinion is that any system that allows add-ons to dig so far into their servers has got to create many possibilities for this sort of security problem. I have worked in the computer industry for 25 years and am well aware of how poorly checked younger programmers work can be and also how easy it is to circumvent security which has had too little thought applied to it.

For the information of anyone reading this....... I have received emails from an account called "donotreply@blizzard.com", which I'm, sure you will appreciate is way too close to the correct address and will catch out unsuspecting new players. I never followed the links and never would but I'm sure some get caught out by such idiocy.

Interesting further information....... the hack didn't take from all characters, 82g was not taken from one whilst 21g and 9g were taken from 2 others. This seems to indicate an automated process rather than a physical person. If that is the case then the amounts might indicate a % gold removed. The character not taken from was one not played in quite a while, implying only so many characters used are noted in the login database? I hope someone reads this as it might help in eliminating some of the hacking going on.
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sorry but someone say to me too visit a site because my acount will be saspent or close the site is <snip> i cant fint the site plz help me

Edit - Removed link.
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You need to read this sticky Tsakalakos. :)

Fake or ‘Phishing’ E-mails from Blizzard

What you have received is a fake e-mail and you shouldn't go to that website.
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Just wanted to say,i had my account hacked Monday but thankfully Blizzard retrieved most if not all my items and gold and halted a bogus character transfer.Suffice to say these guys were looking to sell off the lv 82 character somehow.
What annoys me more than anything the hacker sent a bogus GM request using my name and requested a password change as it had been "banned". Thankfully i got it cleared up and changed all my log in details and email.Get a Authenticator!!

Too my knowledge i didnt open or click on any dodgy links ,emails or anything just unlucky
i guess.
Thanks Blizzard.
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Customer Service
No problem Mosha. Good to hear. Don't forget to head a read of these additional sticky threads as they will help you to prevent this from happening again:

Fake or ‘Phishing’ E-mails from Blizzard

[Guide] How to SCAN and SECURE your PC - Part II

All the best.
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my friend, cant log on, because he got his email stolen and changed. so this means he cant use the account recovery system, i wrote a topic about it here > http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/2491849525?page=1#4

Customer Service
I believe the best course of action is to get your friend to scan his computer(s) for potentially malicious software. Once he is confident that his computer is secure, he should create a new email address and a new Battle.net account with that address. Then, he can contact support from that new Battle.net account.

Our account support team will then do their very best to get your friend back into the game as soon as possible. =)
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Hello, My friend's account (who is new to the game) got hacked. He got a message in-game by a guy who pretended to be a blizzard employer asking him to go to an 'official' blizzard site and enter his account details. So he did and they stole his account while they changed his e-mail.
Is there anyway he can get his account back?
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My situation is quite similar to what Topkitten experienced...

I'm of a cautious nature, I've been using an up to date antivirus for years (Kaspersky), I regularly scan my system with Spybot S&D, I never gave my login and pass to anyone, never played WoW on another computer, never bought gold, and never clicked on a link from an e-mail...

Furthermore, I stopped my subscription in december 2010, and deleted all banking information on my Battle.net account at this time.

Yesterday, I got 2 e-mails informing me that the transfers of my 2 highest levels characters on a german server had succeded. I never asked such a thing, and I'm french...

I checked my account and noticed nothing weird, except that there was no trace anywhere in the transaction history that I had bought 2 transfers... And my subscription seemed to be active, with a seven days exempt started the same day, around 12:00... I guess it's one of those offers with seven days of free time to try to get old subscribers back, but I never received any email informing me that I could beneficiate from this offer...

So I tried to lauch the game, and I discovered that all my characters had some stuff and all their gold stolen, and they were all standing beside a mail box... Stuff was taken from the bank and the guild bank also.

I asked for a GM to fix this, he confirmed the hack and sent all the stolen stuff back to each character (but I'm not sure if the chief of the guild received what was stolen from the safe, as he also as left the game...)

I then saw that some of the stolen stuff made no point... sometimes, low level quest items were stolen, or objects with absolutely no gold value (flowers, cosmetic items, festival items...)

As Topkitten says, it looks like some sort of script was used to steal some items, or maybe somes items included in a range of item identifiers...
Strangely, all the characters that had the little radioguided car you got at christmas a few years back, had it stolen, for exemple...

The strangest thing of all being the character transfers... How on earth was it possible to transfer TWO of my characters through the battle.net interface without paying, as (I repeat) there were no banking information on my account, and nothing in the history ???

Having scanned my system multiple times, I found nothing suspect whatsoever.
And the nature of this hack being quite suspicious, I wonder if hackers could have developped a tool allowing them to bypass a lot of battle.net functions to access accounts and steal things automatically... :/

Really not reassuring... :(

I set up an authenticator now (didn't know they made a free android version...), but I wonder if it will really be of any use...

And I'm a bit worried, as my girlfriend (who also stopped playing) saw on her account yesterday that she also had the seven days offer link... but she didn't receive any e-mail about it either...

I'm beginning to wonder if this offer could be a part of the account hack procedure... :/
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My main account was hacked and my account was then banned, I would like to know if there is anyway to get my account back? Main chars are Oadin and Hefty both on aszune if that helps. Any feed back would be great thanks.
Customer Service
Xasapis Please get your friend to read this sticky as it explains what they will need to do in order to help get their account recovered. I would also strongly suggest that they make themselves a brand new e-mail address for the Battle.net account and not to fall for such actions again in the future.

I hope that they get everything sorted soon. :)

Klokochazia If you are not receiving e-mails from us in regards to offers then either you have blocked them and they are going into your junk folder or that maybe you have an unauthorised forward set up on your e-mail account and this may be how your account may have been compromised. More information about this can be found in this Support Article here which you are welcome to read through. :)

How to Disable the Unauthorised Set-up of Mail Forwarding

This article may also be of use to you as well. :)

How to make sure you can receive e-mail from Blizzard

As for the authenticator, it is a tool designed to prevent the access of your account but it is only as good as the player. However if you are as you say security concious and do not give out your details then you should have no further problems. Authenticators have been a great asset and have really helped reduce account compromise.

As for the methods of the people who accessed your account, this is not something I am able to discuss I am afraid. We will however fully investigate into the matter and try to recover everything that may have been taken. Please keep in mind though that depending on how long ago the actual compromise took place, not all items may be recoverable.

Foromear Please read the first pages of the sticky as it contains all the information you should need in order to regain control of your account again. :)

Good luck!
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Greetings, I have an old account, not accessed before 2009.
I have a battlenet account and I am able to change passwords and info but I am unable to merge my Wow account to it.
I have filed a "I have been hacked" Ticket as advised by a fellow player, but I am unsure of what to do now.

Server: Khadgar
Account name : <snip>
Thank you in advance.

UPDATE : It seems my account has been restored!!!!!! Thank you to anyone who did this :D
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Customer Service
Glad to hear it Azraellis!

Please avoid posting sensitive account information on a forum in future though. :)
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Thanks for your advice Tailyda, but I quite regularly receive e-mails from blizzard (Insider, things like that...) and I only use thunderbird's antispam function, which puts e-mails detected as spam in a specific directory... I never found anything from blizzard in it. I juste never got any mail informing me I could benefit from 7 free days... Same thing for my girlfriend... Looks like a batch of e-mails was not sent at some point... But anyway...

I checked the e-mail forwarding : no such thing seems possible from my ISP. Which is quite a good thing I think, I tend to find this function a bit dangerous...

And, just to cross out this idea, I use a cable connection between my Pc and my Modem, so "sniffing" things via wifi seems highly improbable...

Getting hacked is one thing, but not finding how it was possible is quite mind-bogling...

Oh well... At least I'm learning a thing or two trying to understand this incident... That's the good part ! ^_^
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My password has been changed, I tried to recover it by doing my secret question etc. and was told I had been sent an email with further information but I haven't received one yet. My email account hasn't been hacked so I'm not sure if my email address associated with my battle.net account my have been changed. Would appreciate a little help! :)
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